• Antique Brass LED Tru-Slim Hardwire 30 inch Picture Light
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  • Antique Brass LED Tru-Slim Hardwire 30 inch Picture Light
  • Antique Brass LED Tru-Slim Hardwire 30 inch Picture Light
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Antique Brass LED Tru-Slim Hardwire 30 inch Picture Light

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True artistic enlightenment, fittingly, is brought about by the full illumination of art lighting fixtures: the radiant glow of a picture light acts as a second layer of craft, an accent to the colors and emotions that are framed upon the canvas. Thus is a reliable source of picture lighting a necessity in any museum-grade art gallery, a beacon that is never lost due to the limited power of batteries or power cords. And so, Cocoweb would like to announce our latest in premium art lighting technology: introducing our Hardwire Tru-Slim Picture Lights, a premier line of direct wire art lights that combines modesty of design with the striking clarity of Picture-Perfect™ LED picture lighting systems.

Underscored Form Complements Art
The Hardwire Tru-Slim captures the slimmest form possible, a tribute to the artistic form it illuminates. The light is completely free from ornamentation; measuring at a mere 7/8 of an inch thick and 30 inches across, the shade of this lamp acts only as a service to the accentuation of art, rather than as some deriding distraction. The fine oil rubbed bronze finish tunes this light in service to the art it illuminates, an ashen brown aesthetic befitting the dark wooden frames famous in Classical art.

LED Technology Represents Art as Picture-Perfect™
The artistic dedication of this light is fully realized through the power of Cocoweb's Picture-Perfect™ LEDs: 18 low voltage LED nodes work 2700K color temperature, a warming white-yellow evocative of the early morning sun. This natural light is rated with a Color Rendering Index of 90, able to smooth the tones of greens and blues and deepen the emotion of reds and yellows. In addition, LED light is completely free from the discoloring ultraviolet radiation that pollutes fluorescent lights, and the nodes themselves operate at low heat, saving paintings from drying and cracking as they do under halogen bulbs.

The Consistent Power of Direct Wires
The Hardwire Tru-Slim is defined in its ability to wire directly into junction boxes and thereby be supplied with a constant source of electrical input. Such an arrangement guarantees greater constancy of lighting versus both battery-operated and AC-power picture lights, transforming one's gallery into a museum-caliber exhibit full of rich LED light. These LEDs, in addition, can also last up to 50,000 hours, casting light at 640 lumens for over 20 years of vivid illumination. Minimal technical installation is required, however, through the wiring of the cables in the Hardwire's right arm and the junction box, as well as a mounting the light upon the wall through the retainer attached to the left arm.

Low Energy Usage in the Name of the Environment
Not only does the Hardwire Tru-Slim prove itself as a faithful servant to the world of art, but it also services the physical world as well: running in extreme energy efficiency, this modern light fixture uses only 9 watts of electricity, that is, 80% less power in comparison to incandescent bulbs of a similar luminosity. Indeed, Cocoweb LEDs also do not contain mercury, a substance required in incandescent bulbs and potentially poisonous to the environment upon disposal. The Hardwire Tru-Slim runs completely clean, a long lasting and energy efficient solution for both the aesthetic and natural world.





Power Source: Hardwire/Direct wire
Material: Aluminum
Bulb: Pre-installed LED array with 18 nodes
Power Usage (Watts): 9
Color Temperature (K): 2700
Light Output (lumens): 640
Dimmable: No
Switch: In-line on/off toggle
Lighting: adjustable directional
Lifespan (Hrs): 50,000
CRI (Color Rendering Index): 90
Shade: 30" x 7/8"
Arms: 7-11/16" (longer arm 9") x 8.5" x 1/4"







Other Details

Tru-Slim Series
Antique Brass
Hardwire/Direct wire

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  1. so thin!!

    Posted by Yasmin on 10th Jun 2015

    it's way thinner than i imagined it would be and it fits just right between the picture and the wall.

  2. Just Right

    Posted by Michelle on 14th May 2015

    Just the right amount of lighting for my picture. Not too much so it damages my painting and not too little to not show it off.