Bryce Canyon National Park by Ted Carlson - TCBC165

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NOTE:  Frames/ Framing/Mounting not provided due to potential shipping issues.

Canvas Prints include overspray, please allow 3 extra days for processing and drying times.

All canvas print dimensions noted are for the print face.  Thus, the actual canvas print will be larger to accommodate the image wrapping around the sides of the wood framing.  The one exception for the actual face size is the 43.75 canvas print, which will be just under 40 inches to allow for the wrap (the printer is limited to 44 inches height max).

Glossy vs Luster? Most individuals order glossy prints up through and including 16x24s, and luster at 20x30 and larger.  Glossy has the ultimate detail, whereas luster is less prone to reflections and fingerprint resistance for the framing process.  When using matting for framing, the print doesn't touch glass (a glossy may stick to glass).  If you plan on having a print flush up against glass, plastic, or if the frame will be mounted in an area with heavy reflections, then we would suggest luster.  


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Bryce Canyon
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