Oldage 22" Ceiling LED Barn Light Fixture - Black

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  • Customizable Oldage Ceiling Indoor LED Barn Light
  • Customizable Oldage Ceiling Indoor LED Barn Light
  • Old Age Barn Light Base Mount
  • Oldage 22" Ceiling LED Barn Light Fixture - Black
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The Versatility of Barn Lighting

A home is truly the sum of its parts. It’s all the little things coming together that allow a home’s beauty to show through. Having the right siding and roof are a great start, but the style of windows and doors work as focal points to contrast just the right places. There’s something else that’s even less noticeable in the daytime, but can’t be missed at night: a light fixture. A light doesn’t just depend on looks, as it needs to have it where it counts to be useful. Whether it’s a walkway, front porch, and even an common room indoors, Oldage’s ceiling barn light can be everything a person could need it to be.

Start with the variety available—a variety of colors and sizes allow the light to fit in just about anywhere. Whether in a barn or entryway, this ceiling barn light from Oldage adds a rustic touch to give any room that timeless look everyone wants.

And just as anyone would want to put it anywhere, it’s built to do just that. MET Laboratories, a nationally recognized independent test facility, lists the light as suitable for wet locations. This is due to the weatherproof powder paint coated over a rigid metal body, but this light’s longevity doesn’t end with its exterior. As gorgeous as it looks, the ceiling barn light appears to be working overtime when it puts out its full 1,600 lumens on just 24 watts using Cocoweb’s dependable LED technology. The light itself is at a 2700K color temperature, which is comparable to sunlight, and lasts longer than just about any incandescent or fluorescent bulb on the market. To be specific, this bulb can go through 50,000 hours of use. That’s roughly 20 years, which is longer than the average life of most pets.

The light can add to the moment as guest and friends come to visit. A hallway becomes something more attractive and alluring, a bathroom gets a touch of basin flavor, and a hoedown just wouldn’t be right without the right light. With an adjustable 6 foot 10 inch cord, this light is made for versatility. A person can literally build a room around it if they wanted to bring the comforts and conversation that existed in a simpler time.

Every Cocoweb barn light is compatible with most wall dimmers, allowing for a full range of brightness up to 1600 lumens.

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1 Review

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    Good installation and design

    Posted by Ken H. San Francisco on 6th Sep 2016

    I like the lamp overall is very nice looking but it took about 45 minutes to intall it by myself. The LED light source color is very gentle and bright. It seems like a higher quality light than the one I bought from from www.barnlightelectric.com. I would say the price is also very competitive.

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