8 Summer Light Fixtures for Your Space

8 Summer Light Fixtures for Your Space

8 Summer Light Fixtures for Your Space

Assorted Colored Lights- Cocoweb

With summer shortly around the corner, it’s time to revamp your current light fixtures to fit the ambiance of the season. Unfortunately, many find vibrant, deep colors intimidating – especially when it comes to picking out light fixtures.

Hopefully the following summer-friendly fixtures will open your eyes to the diversity of lights out there and inspire you to go a little bolder in your own designs.

1) Blackspot 10” Cherry Red Sleek LED Barn Light – w/ Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Going red is a great option if you want to add a hint of summer to your home but want to be conservative about it. Since many homeowners opt for red tones as an accent color for many rooms in their home, you can’t go wrong with this Cocoweb Cherry Red Sleek LED Barn Light.

Made of tough metal, this fixture is a must for any indoor or outdoor space, especially for kitchens, dining areas, shops, or restaurants. Best of all, this gooseneck barn lights such as this one offer an eclectic approach; some may see this piece as traditional while others may see it as something more modern.

The timeless feel of this light, simple shade with a more elaborate neck, and up-to-date sensor technology of this piece make it fit for a variety of homes or commercial buildings.

Blackspot Cherry Red Sleek LED Barn Light - W / Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor- Cocoweb

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2) 12” Goodyear LED Pendant Light in Yellow

For something a little more daring, this 12” Goodyear LED Pendant Light offers the perfect shade of yellow that’s lively yet not blinding to the eye. The black neck of this fixture helps absorb the intensity of the yellow to make it even more subtle.

Thanks to its boldness, this yellow pendant light would look fantastic over a breakfast nook table or other informal eating area, shop entrance, or kitchens. Overall, this is a Cocoweb light fixture that would look lovely in a variety of rooms or outdoor spaces – regardless of whether it is contemporary or modern.

Goodyear LED Pendant Light, yellow- Cocoweb

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3) 12" Oldage LED Sign Light with Metropolitan Arm in Cobalt Blue

For those who are vintage at heart, this Cocoweb sign light in cobalt blue makes for a perfect fit for any traditional space. Sign lights are wonderful for adding accent lighting to a design with the goal emphasize something (e.g., a piece of art, framed photographs, a restaurant sign or large poster).

For this sign light in particular, the bright yet deeper blue makes it perfect for homes that need a pop of color without going too wild. The shade of blue and vintage style this piece offers makes it especially ideal for a room offering a beach-y or nautical theme. The robustness and durability of this light make it just a lovely for an office or patio.

Oldage LED Sign Light with Metropolitan Arm in Cobalt Blue- Cocoweb

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4) 96” Blackspot Vintage Lamp Post With 8” Shade – Cherry Red

Coming back to cherry red, this lamp post-styled light stunningly captures not just summer but any season thanks to its versatile black stem. The black is also essential for helping to keep the bold red of this piece in focus while allowing the rest of the light to blend in better with its surroundings.

Place this Cocoweb lamp post over a side table or next to a reading chair, or consider placing this light over a dark pathway in your backyard. The flexibility of this lamp is certainly there both in style and in durability. Adding this lamp post to your space will instantly add a bit of vintage flair.

Blackspot Vintage Lamp Post With Shade- Cherry Red- Cocoweb

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5) 10” Goodyear LED Sconce Light with Chic Arm in White

Adding a touch of summer to your indoor or outdoor setting is not limited to colors but also to a clean, bright white. While white is a neutral and is easier to implement into a design, many shy away from such as the impression is that white is quick to show dirt and frequently needs to be cleaned.

However, this Cocoweb sconce light is made of hefty duty materials and is finished with a weatherproof coating to make it immune to a variety of elements from dust to rain. After all, longevity and durability are integral features of any light fixture.

As for the general design of this light, you can place it anywhere and make it work beautifully: a porch or patio, around the exterior of a home, in a bedroom, you name it. The classic appearance of this light along with its glossy finish makes it well-composed for most designs.

Goodyear LED Sconce Light with Chic Arm in White- Cocoweb

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6) 8” Dahlia LED Barn Light with Rustic Arm in Jade

When it comes to summery colors, some like to play it safe with the intensity of a hue. If this is you, consider a jade-colored light from Cocoweb. It beautifully complements both spring and summer, providing a paler, more natural blue-green color.

This beautiful, classic Dahlia LED Barn Light looks especially stunning outside of a café, in a bedroom, or to place above a mirror in a bathroom or makeup vanity. Both the styles and hue create a softer and more feminine appearance while bringing forth the positivity and rejuvenation of the season of summer.

Dahlia LED Barn Light with Rustic Arm in Jade- Cocoweb

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7) Goodyear Customizable Industrial Floor Lamp

The Goodyear Customizable Industrial Floor Lamp from Cocoweb.com makes for a beautiful fixture for multiple indoor and outdoor uses. The adjustable neck of this light adds extra functionality. Place this floor lamp near the living room couch, in the corner of a room, or even over a patio seating area.

Best of all, this lamp is customizable. Pick the shade size (10” or 12”), choose the base finish (black, galvanized silver, cobalt blue, cherry red, yellow, or white), and finally, select the shade finish (cherry red, black, mahogany bronze, galvanized silver, vintage green, white, yellow, or matte black).

For a summery look, we recommend opting for whites, blues, reds, or yellows for your customizable floor lamp. Try to keep it simple yet bright. You can also opt for a black base or shade finish to add a bit of contrast to the bolder color you may have selected for the other finish.

Goodyear Customizable Industrial Floor Lamp- Cocoweb

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8) Sunbury Nautical Pendant Light in White

For a sleek and clean outdoor fixture, consider Cocoweb’s Sunbury Nautical Pendant Light in White. This is a great light if one prefers to be more conservative when it comes to color but a little more extravagant when it comes to design. Yet, the white still adds a summery element as it provides the brightness of summer and offers a cooling sensation on a blistering hot day.

The Sunbury Nautical Pendant Light is a must for patios, porches, over outdoor seating areas, or in the entrance of a beach-themed shop or restaurant storefront. The industrial feel one obtains from this light, such as the metal cage around the bulb, makes it one-of-a-kind.

Pendant Light- Cocoweb

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Summer is all about bold and happy colors: cherry red, tangerine, sunshine yellow, lime, and coastal blue. Considering the bright range of hues that inspire this season, having the confidence to choose something a little more audacious is important when it comes to light fixtures and other accents as part of your interior or exterior design. With that said, make this season all about revamping, improving, and enhancing your space through the power of color.

18th Jun 2018 Jordan R

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