You may or may not know, Cocoweb started its roots in lighting. With LED lighting being our specialty, we have introduced thousands of products over the years from industrial to modern, contemporary to rustic, and every style in-between. We manufacture high-quality LED lighting fixtures including the Cocoweb originals - barn lights, piano lamps, and picture lights which are our most popular and well-known product categories.

Recently, Cocoweb has started a new venture and is quickly expanding into all elements of home decor. We partnered with over 18 new well-known and established brands to offer our customers a wider variety of lighting fixture styles. We took careful consideration in selecting these partners, allowing consumers to purchase high-end lighting they can cherish in their homes for many years to come on our online store. But we didn’t want to stop there. Cocoweb now officially offers an entirely new line of products - including home decor and furniture!

Both designing a brand new or redesigning an older property can be extremely difficult. Cocoweb realizes the stress it takes to search and find the most aesthetically-pleasing and quality interior design products to complete the look you are seeking. Pairing home decor elements with permanent fixtures can be time-consuming and leads to endless searches both online and in-store. This is why we took action. We want to relieve our customers of going on an interior design product hunt, and now offer items that match the style of any home. Achieving a fantastic and gorgeous interior or exterior to your home has never been so easy; our customers will now have the ability to create a mental picture of an entire home redesign with all the necessary accoutrements in just one platform!

Whether you are a professional designer, a new homeowner looking to style your house, a contractor for a commercial property, or a consumer just seeking a little something unique to add to their home’s design, Cocoweb surely has something you will love. We have products of many diverse functionalities within a home. Each of these products is also master-crafted to fit an array of styles to accommodate any taste.

Just a few of many interior styles below include some of our new best sellers:

2nd Jul 2020 Allison

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