Say hello to the Cocoweb’s Natural Light LED Multi-Function Desk Lamp
Cocoweb Dimmable Natural Light Desk Lamp You can’t beat the value of a good desk lamp: whether putting in long hours at the office or getting in some bedside reading and relaxation, you’re always going to need a reliable light. Cocoweb would like to introduce that light, the Natural Light LED Multi-Function Desk Lamp, our latest in modern lighting technology. This contemporary desk lamp is everything you’ll ever need in a light fixture, from energy efficient LEDs to a fully flexible, touch-enabled frame.
Serving as the best piece of your home office furniture, Cocoweb’s Natural Light Desk Lamp provides just that; it’s equipped with a system of 27 LED bulbs that have that soft, natural sunlight feeling at a variable range of color temperatures in its 4 distinct lighting modes. To get work done, switch the lamp into Reading (4300K-5300K) or Study Mode (6000K-7000K) for a clean swath of cool light that’s easy on the eyes; if you’re just looking to relax in the comfort of warm light, shift the light into Relax or Sleep Mode (2500K-3300K) and enjoy its soothing yellow glow. Additionally, each of these lighting modes has up to 5 brightness settings, fully dimmable for just the right amount of illumination. Cocoweb Dimmable Natural Light Desk Lamp Folded
Cocoweb Dimmable Natural Light Desk Lamp Folded 2 Modeled in both black and white, the body of the lamp is fully adjustable, with a 40° angle of tilt on the stand, 140° angle on the light, and a 180° angle of side-to-side rotation. For added convenience, this desk lamp also includes a timer function to shut down automatically after 60 minutes, as well as a USB charging port compatible with most electronic devices (USB charging cable not included).
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