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Oldage Pendant Light

  • 10" Biella LED Pendant Light in Charcoal

    Fine CraftsmanshipThe Biella pendant light offers a stylish way to accent a room with its two-toned design. With a unique form reminiscent of a mash-up of objects--a bucket, a bell, perhaps--this light creates interest in whatever space it occupies...
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    10" Manarola LED Pendant Light in White

    Now: $48.00
    Was: $119.00
    Fine CraftsmanshipPlayful yet sophisticated, the Manarola pendant light adds design flair to any space it is part of. The modern, curving build includes small cutouts to let light peek through in a decorative fashion. The aluminum body of this...
  • 9" Norcia LED Pendant Light in Black

    Fine CraftsmanshipAn assortment of textures balances each other in the Norcia pendant light. Classic wood accents decorate the bottom of the smooth aluminum shade, with a faux leather handle at the top of the shade for style. The variety of...