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Contemporary Blackspot 10" Black Indoor/Outdoor LED Barn Lights

$259.00 - FREE SHIPPING - SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Crafted as a sophisticated accentuation to interior and exterior lighting, Cocowebs selection of Barn Lights accent your decor with personalized flair. With a variety of five different shade styles and seven separate arms types, our barn lights enrich your home with intimate lighting suffused with vintage style.

The Intimate Lighting of the BlackSpot
Representing the most delicate type of our barn-style wall sconces, the deep, rounded shade of the BlackSpot is perfect for lighting the more intimate areas of your home, whether illuminating your bathroom vanity or your breakfast nook. And with a selection of seven different arms, the BlackSpot will always shine in style: the sloping neck of our G8 Traditional arm complements the smooth bell of the BlackSpots shade, while the curved style of our G22 Contemporary arm brings the lamp into modern chic. In addition, the BlackSpot is offered in five finishes to match any decor: stark white, enamel black, cherry red, elegant jadeite, and mahogany bronze.

Maximized Selection
If a larger-style light is more in line with your home, our lines of Oldage and Calla Barn Lights are sure to satisfy. Enamored with traditional elegance, these lights provide a wider cone of illumination with a maximum size of 18 inches. If you wish to preserve the refined style of the BlackSpot, however, the chrome-plated shade of our Peony line and the classic rustic style of our Goodyear lights capture that same sense of elegant decoration. And rest assured, regardless of the shade you choose, Cocoweb Barn Lights are all MET listed for wet conditions and fully weatherproofed for indoor and outdoor use. Whether shining brightly as a beacon of landscape lighting or glowing softly as bathroom lighting, our barn lights are an enlightening experience.

Advanced LED Technology
Cocoweb Barn Lights all feature integrated LED lighting systems, the absolute cutting edge of illumination technology. Cocoweb LEDs glow at a rich 2700K color temperature, a warm and natural radiance comparable to the sun just after rising. In addition, as exceedingly energy efficient lighting fixtures, our LEDs are rated to last up to 50,000 hours while still shining at a full 1600 lumensliterally years longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights at a similar brightness. Cocowebs LED Barn Lights promise the vintage style of rustic lighting while still running on the latest illumination technology.

Personalized Style - Available with a choice of 5 shades and 7 arms Custom Finishes - Mix and match arms and shades to find the perfect color/finish combination
LED Technology - Natural-light LED nodes shine warmly in your home Energy Efficient - Shines at 1600 lumens for over 50,000 hours
Fully Dimmable - Compatible with wall dimmers for total brightness control Weatherproofed - Powder coat allows for placement inside and out

Personalized Style

Designed for homes and businesses of all styles, Cocoweb Barn Lights are tailored to your individual décor with over 3000 different combinations of shades, arms, colors and sizes available. Available in 5 vibrant shade types, 7 elegant neck styles, and 7 lustrous finishes, our custom barn lights are sure to be an enlightening experience for your design.

Custom Finishes

Arranged with a delicate bell shade, the BlackSpot complements your home with a truly personalized lighting design intimate lighting rich with classic style. Available in 8” to 14” and in stark white, enamel black, cherry red, classic jade, and mahogany bronze, this light is well-suited to any of our 7 hanging arms for an individualized style: the sloping neck of our G8 Traditional arm balances the smooth bell of the BlackSpot’s shade, while the curved style of our G22 Contemporary arm brings the lamp into modern chic. For a larger luminary for your home or business, however, our Goodyear and Peony Barn Lights preserve the same vintage style of the BlackSpot and serve equally well as both kitchen and landscape lighting. For a more modern twist on barn lighting, the Oldage and Calla are available in massive 18” shades for a full burst of natural LED light.

LED Technology

Designed with the latest LED lighting technology, Cocoweb Barn Lights produce a light that is not only as bright as a 100W bulb, but feels natural on the skin: their LED nodes shine at a warm 2700K color temperature while still retaining a brightness of 1600 lumens. The vibrant lighting of our barn lights grants your home a natural warmth at a rich brightness.

Image of Barn Light
Energy Efficient

As an energy-efficient solution for lighting both indoors and out, our barn lights use only 24 watts of electricity at maximum brightness. This efficacy lessens the strain on power plants and therefore reduces man’s carbon footprint, making for a greener earth for all. In addition, our LEDs are rated to last over 50,000 hours, ensuring low-energy, quality lighting for the next 20 years.

Full Dimmable

Cocoweb Barn Lights are built to function at a range of brightness levels, compatible with most wall dimmers for custom-tailored light design.


MET certified for wet locations, our barn lights feature a full-steel frame coated with a water-resistant powder finish. No matter the weather, Cocoweb Barn Lights provide the richest lighting and a personally stylized design.






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