Grand Piano Lamps

Grand Piano Lamps

So many customers find Cocoweb when searching for grand piano lamp because we have a whole selection dedicated to exactly that! Scroll through over 20 different varieties of led piano lamps designed specifically to fit your Grand Piano or Baby Grand. This particular product line does a beautiful job at blending both quality and functionality with its easy-to-use features such as the clamping base, which clamps directly to your music board for the best overall lighting experience when reading your music. This piano light also has adjustable shade screws to allow the light to completely rotate for maximum light exposure. Here at Cocoweb, we understand how difficult it can be for piano players to have a music board light, so shop our piano lamps now and receive free shipping!

  • Front View of 19" GPLED19-7S LED Grand Piano Lamps- White

    19" LED Grand Piano Lamp - White

    Compare For the 19" San Diego ClipOn Piano Lamp, this model is a new design that includes LED light bulb. Older designs by other brand uses T10 traditional light bulb that may generate more heat and consume more energy. LED Technology Cocoweb's 19"...
  • Front View of 22" (GPXL617S) LED Grand Piano Lamp- White

    22" LED Grand Piano Lamp - White

    The Manufacturer Cocoweb carefully crafts each lamp, using the best available materials, to the highest quality standards. This New York lamp makes a stunning presence in any room and works well with many styles of decor. Cocoweb has been offering...