Battery-Operated Picture Lamps

Battery-Operated Picture Lamps

Where quality meets convenience, our battery-operated picture lights are a favorite amongst many Cocoweb customers due to its ultimate portable ability. No more dealing with a bunch of cords or bulky plugs that ultimately distract you from the artwork itself, now you can simply plug one of the arms of your light to a remote battery pack and hide the battery pack behind the painting! It really is that easy! Choose between the options of a 4x Battery Pack or an 8x Battery Pack depending on the size of the art light, and with over 140 hours of usage, you won’t have to keep switching out the batteries. We also have plug-in models and hardwire models. Cocoweb is the number one choice by consumers when it comes to battery-operated art lighting. With free shipping and hassle-free returns, what do you have to lose? Shop now!

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  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

    Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

    Cocoweb’s Tru-Slim Art Lights Offer Museum-Grade Illumination For Your Art! Slim Sophistication The Tru-Slim Art Light composes your artwork in vibrant, full-color illumination with a discreet shade that is only 7/8" thick and finely...
  • Customizable Classic LED Picture Light

    Customizable Classic LED Picture Light

    Our Classic Series Of Art Lights Illuminates Your Art In Timeless Simplicity! Classic Form The design of the Classic LED Picture Light embraces the aesthetic of picture lights that have been in use for decades and unites that classic look with...