Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light

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  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • Toggle Switch
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • LED Array
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light
  • Hardwire LED Tru-Slim 21" Satin Nickel Picture Light


Art lighting, if nothing else, must be resilient: should the guiding fires of picture lighting fail, all meaning upon the canvas is lost, and artwork is reduced to but a shadow of itself. A gallery must always be awash in rich art lights, never subject to the ever-draining cells of battery-operated picture lights or the unwieldy and fallible cords of AC power lamps. Thus has Cocoweb crafted its line of Hardwire Tru-Slim Picture Lights, our premier museum-grade art lighting fixtures: these ultra-slim art lights wire directly into junction boxes, powering their advanced Picture-Perfect™ LED art lighting systems with an ever-reliable source of electrical input.  

Modest Design Focuses upon Art
The Hardwire Tru-Slim Picture Light is a culmination of artistic service: designed to not distract from displays, this fine art light has the slimmest shade possible at a mere 7/8 of an inch thick. No garish ornamentation decorates the Tru-Slim's Picture Light frame; a modern satin nickel finish adorns this light, a full silvery metallic color fitting contemporary art, a design in service to art alone. This model measures at 21 inches across, the median for available sizes and thus best suited to frames and artwork from 26 to 36 inches in width.

Picture-Perfect™ LEDs Bring the Canvas to Life
The power behind this art-centric design lies with Cocoweb's Picture-Perfect™ LEDs: 12 low voltage LED nodes produce light in a soft white-yellow glow measured at 2700K color temperature, a warming illumination similar to the sun in the early morning. Full accentuation is available under this light as it has a Color Rendering Index of 90, bathing reds and yellows into a deeper hue and soothing blues and greens into softer relaxation. This newfound fullness is protected through low heat operation and ultraviolet-free light, protecting paintings from both discoloration and cracking.

Wires Directly into the Wall for First-Rate Reliability
The key high-end feature of this art light, however, is its hardwired functionality: in order to assure steadfast illumination for one's gallery, the Hardwire Tru-Slim connects directly into junction boxes and thus is always supplied with an electrical current. And though a minor technical installation is required, the consistency of illumination gained by this arrangement is strictly museum grade, offering greater reliability over battery operated and AC power art lights. And to cement its reputation, the Tru-Slim's LEDs also are able to last for up to 50,000 hours, providing light at a full 420 lumens for the subsequent 20 years following installation.

Energy Efficiency Preserves the Environment
To combat the excessive power use that consumes the lighting industry, the Hardwire Tru-Slim runs in complete energy efficiency: powered by only 6 watts of electricity, the LEDs in this lamp save 80% more electricity in comparison to the incandescent bulbs that otherwise dominate the art lighting scene. Such a reduction amounts to savings in both the environment and the cost of operation, and when adding in the fact that Cocoweb LEDs also contain none of the mercury required in incandescent lighting, the Tru-Slim clearly emerges as the leader in clean lighting technology.





Power Source: Hardwire/Direct wire
Material: Aluminum
Bulb: Pre-installed LED array with 12 nodes
Power Usage (Watts): 6
Color Temperature (K): 2700
Light Output (lumens): 420
Dimmable: No
Switch: In-line on/off toggle
Lighting: adjustable directional
Lifespan (Hrs): 50,000
CRI (Color Rendering Index): 90
Shade: 21" x 7/8" diameter
Arms: 7-11/16" (longer arm 9") x 8.5" x 1/4"







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Additional Information

Tru-Slim Series
Satin Nickel
Hardwire/Direct wire
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    Great versatility!

    Posted by Penny L on 13th May 2015

    I used this light for a mirror I installed in my closet. It's great and the style of the picture light is perfect for other different uses as well!

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