Outdoor Wall Lanterns

Outdoor Wall Lanterns

We carry wall-mounted lantern designs that are both classic and stylish. Inspired by older antique lanterns, these wall-mounted lanterns hearken back to the time before electricity—and with LED bulbs, they don’t use much more electricity than the old oil lanterns did! 

Handcrafted and built with a high-quality framework, our beautiful LED outdoor wall lanterns are guaranteed to withstand anything that nature throws at them. Constructed with a steel frame and coated in a water-resistant finish, they’re MET-certified to withstand outdoor weather conditions. They are also available in various finishes and sizes, and make excellent additions to exterior walking paths.   

Browse our selection of LED outdoor wall lanterns today! We ship our products for free and offer no-hassle returns. 

cocoweb navan outdoor wall lantern

  • Firies Outdoor LED Wall Lantern - Small

    Firies Outdoor Wall Lantern – Small Luxuriously Industrial Firies Wall Lantern A statement of vintage elegance, the Firies Lanterns is crafted with textured glass that is caged by a worn metal frame to emphasis its vintage elements while the...