The latest LED lighting technology

For more than 50 years, our lighting collections have been designed and crafted by artists, for artists.

Lighting the way to modern design

Cocoweb™ specializes in LED lighting products to complement interior as well as outdoor design. These come in the styles of picture lights, piano lamps, and barn lights. The simplistic elegance of our designs makes each lamp versatile for blending with different settings.

On top of our original products and designs, we provide award-winning customer service.

Cocoweb LED Series
Cocoweb Picture Light

Vivid picture lighting featuring our Picture-Perfect™ Technology

Our Picture Lights bring out the full color and brightness of your artwork. Every nuance of shade and detail of the creator's vision is brought to life. Our large selection of designs offers the finest picture lighting to capture the beauty of your artwork.

Warm Illumination for your Musical Movements

Our Piano Lamps are the perfect addition to pianos of all designs. Available in the styles of clip-on, grand piano lamp, and desk lamp, among others, you are sure to find the right light to fit your needs. In addition to complementing a piano, our chic desk lamps double as lighting for any home or office space. Our LED lamps shine with a warm yellow light to reduce eyestrain and are well-suited for long-term use.

Cocoweb Piano Lamp
Cocoweb Barn Light
Cocoweb Barn Light
Cocoweb Barn Light
Cocoweb Barn Light

Vintage Style with Modern Sensibilities

With over 5,000 variations of pendant lights and wall lights, Cocoweb™ Barn Lights offer seamless style for kitchen lighting, living room lighting, outdoor lighting and more. Designed for all styles of decor, these lights blend vintage elegance with modern sharpness.