Partnerships - International and Domestic

Cocoweb is excited to welcome your company to offer the amazing benefits of being in our Partnership Program. What we have to offer is to truly integrate your business into the U.S. online market. Our e-commerce partners benefit greatly by our services which include:

  • Our dedicated to lighting customers only. We target a specific audience which provides greater return of revenue on the advertisements we post.
  • A plan to create new product images/graphics, including custom photography and videography
  • Direct sales to end users in the United States
  • Our average margin selling products is a 75-90% return
  • Our office location as well as the warehouse is based in the US
  • We have a local US customer service and support phone number
  • We offer shipping services included in your partnership agreement, which is direct from our US warehouse
Not only does Cocoweb resell your products online, we are an expert in advertising to lighting customers and can build a strong reputation and brand for your company - no matter how near or far you are to the US!
partner compare chart