We are unveiling five new attachments for all of our Barn Light products, all of which will enhance the their visual appearance and utility!

The Barn Light Wire Cage directly attaches to the barn light shade, adding an industrial aesthetic to any light it adorns. It’s rustic frame will add a touch of vintage charm to any indoor or outdoor space! We offer the Barn Light guard in multiple sizes to ensure it will fit your lighting fixtures. Whether it’s for a small garage light or large industrial light, the Barn Light warehouse metal cage is perfect for all your lighting needs!

The Barn Light motion sensor will light up any outdoor space when movement is detected. Its subtle, yet effective design will illuminate your front door or patio when the motion sensor is triggered while being seemingly un-noticeable on your light. The Barn Light motion activated sensor features several optimal security features, such as a detection distance of 10 feet and a wide field of vision. The Barn Light motion sensor is the perfect security attachment for your light!

Our Barn Light Dusk-to-Dawn sensor attachment is perfect for those who want to light up the night without any fuss. The attachment’s photocell sensor can detect shifts between night and day, automatically turning your light on or off when needed, all without affecting the visual appearance of the light itself. The Barn Light security light will save the lifespan of the light-bulb, saving you money on light-bulbs and your electricity bill!

Available for all pendant lights, the Adjustable Cord Option will allow you to lengthen or shorten your pendant lights with ease. This attachment’s subtle and efficient design will enable you to effortlessly modify your pendant light without drastically altering the light’s design. Whether you want a low-hanging pendant light in your kitchen or a high pendant light in a living space, the Customizable Cord Attachment is the perfect accessory for all of your customizable lighting needs.

Included with the Customizable Cord Attachment is the Pendant Light Cap. Placed at the top of the pendant light, where the shade and cord meet, the visual aesthetic of your light will be vastly improved. The Pendant Light Cap is the perfect attachment to boost the visual quality of all your pendant lights. 

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Creative Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means you need to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day Date ASAP! However, Valentine’s Day can feel repetitive year after year with the typical Valentines chocolates, rose bouquets and fancy restaurants. Instead, add some surprise and adventure to this romantic day! Try out these 6 creative alternative Valentine’s Day Dates [...]

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Introducing our barn post lamps

The post light has been around since the 4th century and has gradually changed from candle lighting to incandescent, and now lamps.It has shaped the way we light our cities, towns and homes. That change is still seen today.Modern, Classic, Vintage. These words come to mind when you think of our reinvention of the style barn [...]

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Revealing the best in piano lighting

Cocoweb has taken the renowned 22 inch piano lamp and made it better! Something all pianist need this holiday season is the battery operated, fully adjustable, LED, grand piano lamp (SKU# GPLEDV-22D-BP4) Keeping the same style and functions as the favored GPLED22D, this new model now features a battery pack allowing your light to be portable [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

With the passing of fall, the season of giving is upon us. Thanksgiving was a shared autumn harvest feast first celebrated by Plymouth colonist and Wampanoag Native Americans. Now celebrated by the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is the season of gathering and feasting. During this Thanksgivings festive gathering, impress your family with Cocoweb’s wide range of [...]

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5 Ways to Honor Veterans Day

  “On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.” – Dan Lipinski “Veterans Memorial in McAllen, Texas” – by Elitist Czar, Flickr    To celebrate our veterans who [...]

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Lighting up the holidays with Cocoweb

As Halloween gets closer the days become shorter and it gets darker much earlier now. Cocoweb offers a wide range of lights that could help light up your home for this season. A personal favorite of mine are the barn lights, and a huge variety of them as well! Everything from Sconce lighting to sign [...]

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Happy Columbus Day 2017!

Columbus Day  The second Monday of every October is Columbus Day and has been a federal holiday for the United States since 1937. This day commemorates the history of the discovery of the Americas in the year of 1492 by Christopher Columbus. It's the story we all know: Columbus wanted to map out a western route [...]

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Facts About LED Lights

So you're at the point that we all come to at one point or another: the light bulb in your living room has died. Again. You need to replace it, but you don't really know anything about how the light bulb, well, lights. Well, in that case, we're here to help! The color of a light [...]

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Industrial or Nautical Lighting

Simple, utilitarian and raw OR anchors, boats and stripes. If these words mean anything to you, then you may have a case of Industrial or Nautical fever. These hot new trends in the world of home décor mean you get to design your home with a variety of statement pieces that will really make your place POP! The Industrial look is one of [...]

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