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30'' Tru-Slim Hardwired LED Picture Light - Black with Brass Accents

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Cocoweb's Tru-Slim Picture Light

Cocoweb’s Tru-Slim Art Lights Offer Museum-Grade Illumination For Your Art!

Slim Sophistication

The Tru-Slim Art Light composes your artwork in vibrant, full-color illumination with a discreet shade that is only 7/8" thick and finely crafted for art of all styles. This model is available in 12", 16", 21", 30", and 43" sizes and with any of the finishes shown below.

Picture-Perfect™ LEDs Render Full Color

To bring out the best in your artwork, the Tru-Slim Art Light is integrated with 6 to 36 LED nodes, depending on the size of light. Cocoweb LEDs are rated with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+, providing your artwork with a warm, natural illumination that brings colors to life.

Adjustable Design

Built for versatile art lighting, the Tru-Slim features a rotating shade that angles and adjusts to best shine on your art. The picture light also can be adjusted to sit higher and lower on the frame to suit art of different sizes.


For a standard wired plug-in installation, the Tru-Slim uses a 10' AC adapter cord to plug into any standard wall outlet. Plug-ins are fully dimmable with an optional Dimmer Dial, which scales the brightness of the light between 5% to 100%. For remote capabilities, the art light can also be controlled from a distance with a Remote Receiver Pack.


For museum grade illumination, the Tru-Slim is available in a hardwired style that wires directly into your electrical system. Able to be powered on and off with a wall switch and dimmable with the included remote control, this installation type leaves no cords showing and is a permanent solution for lighting your art.

Battery Operated

The 4 and 8 D-battery packs available for the Tru-Slim cut the cord from wired picture lighting with battery life up to 140 hours (varies with size). This convenient installation option lets you light your art even where there are no electrical outlets nearby. A remote control is included for easy access to the fixture's power and dimming functionality. The battery pack connects to the light with an easily concealed black power cord.

Convenient Remote Control

The Tru-Slim is available with a convenient remote control, enabling you to adjust your art lighting from anywhere in the room.

The remote can power the light on and off, set a timer of operation of up to 6 hours, and dim the brightness level between 10% and 100%.

Multiple Box Sizes For Maximum Versatility

Designed for maximum versatility, this discreet black power box holds 4 D batteries to power the light for up to 75 hours. Entirely inconspicuous, the battery pack connects to the light with an easily concealed black power cord.

Optimized for maximum run time, this heavy duty battery box powers your light for up to 140 hours by using 8 D batteries. The batteries can be easily accessed and replaced by installing the box on the wall to the side of or below the artwork.

Product Specs

*Included in the Package

Selected Power Option (Ships Separately):

Power Option Cord Length:

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Picture Perfect LED

Natural-light LED lighting brings your art to life


Hardwired Operation

Wires directly into the wall


Remote Functionality

Dimmable from a distance with an included remote control



Shines for up to 50,000 hours with high efficiency Cocoweb LEDs

Cocoweb’s 30” Tru-Slim Hardwired Art Lights Offer Museum-grade Illumination for your Art!

Slim Sophistication

Slim Sophistication

With a slim frame only 7/8 of an inch thick, the 30" Tru-Slim Black with Brass Accents Art Light complements the frame of an artwork without drawing attention away from the art.

Picture-Perfect™ LEDs Render Full Color

The 30" Tru-Slim Picture Light in Black with Brass Accents uses 18 LED nodes to light artwork in a warm and vibrant color. The nodes are rated with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+ for museum-grade illumination that brings out the best in your artwork.

Picture Perfect LED
Hardwired Function

Direct Wired Picture Lighting

The Direct Wire Pack allows our art lights to wire directly into your home's electrical system. They a permanent installation--once you wire them in, they can be toggled on and off from a wall switch without any wiring showing. It is a perfect addition for museum-grade, permanent picture lighting.

Convenient Remote Control

Our wireless picture lights are controlled via a convenient remote control, enabling you to adjust your art lighting from anywhere in the room.

The remote can power the light on and off, set a timer of operation of up to 6 hours, and dim the brightness level between 10% and 100%.


Product Specs

  • Power Source: Direct Wired
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bulb: Pre-installed LED array
  • Color Temperature (K): 2700
  • Light Output (Lumens): 480
  • Dimmable: Yes, with Remote Control
  • Switch: Remote Control; On-Off switch
  • Lighting: adjustable, directional down-light
  • Light Lifespan (Hrs): 50,000
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 90+
Product Specs

*Included In The Package:

  • 30" Tru-Slim Hardwired Art Light (1)
  • Wireless Remote Control (1)
  • AC Adapter (1)
  • Direct Wire Power Box (1) (ships separately)
  • Mounting Brackets (2)
  • Installation Screws & Hardware




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Tru-Slim Series
Hardwire/Direct wire

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  1. Picture Light for Antique Oil Painting

    Posted by Robert Hurley on 22nd Feb 2018

    it looks fantastic on my antique oil painting. It truly brings out colors in the painting that could not be seen either without the light or with another battery operated LED light that I had mounted on the same picture previously. I would love to add a Cocoweb light on every one of my paintings, the cost of the light and the electrician work makes it price prohibitive. My suggestion would be to use these on your best works which happen to be placed in areas where you do not have the best lighting and a ceiling mounted light would not necessarily enhance the image or is impractical due to design or access.