Customizable Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp

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  • Customizable Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp
  • Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp Dimensions
  • Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp in Black Brass
  • Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp in Mahogany Bronze
  • Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp in Antique Brass
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The Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp is perfect for compact workspaces. The small, round base fits anywhere. The ultra-slim shade houses a powerful LED array that provides generous light for any task. Use this space-saving lamp for your desk, piano, or side table!

Adjustability / Versatility

Shade rotation and two points adjustment allow you to get the perfect position for your table lamp needs. The first adjustment handle allows for 280° of movement. The second adjustment handle allows for 350° of movement.


From base to top of the shade, the lamp stands at a maximum height of 22.25’’. The shade is 19’’ in length. The lamp stands on a 6.25’’ diameter, circular base, that is 1.25’’ thick.

LED Technology

Each lamp comes pre-installed with 24 LED nodes that consume less than half of the electricity of incandescent bulbs. Our LED arrays is a warm white light, which prevents eye strain are rated for 50,000 hours of use, which is approximate to 5 years of continual use.


A felt bottom protects your piano’s finish from minor scratches. Easy to reach toggle switch turns the light on and off in conjunction with the dimmer switch.

Power Cord

A 10-foot, black, plug-in adapter is included to power your lamp. The cord length allows you to reach practically any outlet with ease.


Each lamp comes with a dimmer wheel. The dimmer wheel is located on the base of the unit for easy accessibility. It controls the full-range dimmer as well as the on/off function.


Eco-friendly thick Powder-coating finish is used for beautiful and lifetime use.

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