5 Easy, Last-minute DIY Halloween Decor

5 Easy, Last-minute DIY Halloween Decor

It’s October 25th, and you’ve realized, “I haven’t decorated for Halloween!” Don’t fret! We have five easy, last-minute Halloween decor for your home just in time for the witching hour.

Halloween Classics

Some of the simplest items can evoke the feeling of Halloween. Carve a few jack-o-lanterns, grab a few cinnamon wood brooms from your local market and string up a few fake cobwebs for an almost instant and great smelling, witchy porch.

Paint it Black

You don’t necessarily have to paint it, but black is synonymous with Halloween. Swap out your regular candles for black candles, hand up a shredded black cloth in a doorway or two, and maybe even artificial black roses.

Bring on the Bones

What is more festive than skeletons? Most party and craft stores carry loads of fake skeletons this time of year. Add a plastic skull to your coffee table or mantle, prop a skeleton up by your front door, and scatter a few piles of bones in your yard.

Eyeballs Galore

Have a tree or two in your front yard? Scare the trick or treaters by adding eyeballs to your tree! Grab a few beach balls, paint them white and add black for pupils. Attach them to your tree for an instant monster!

Not So Spooky

Looking for some decorations that won’t scare the pants off anyone? Try some fall-themed decor. Have your kids help you make a paper plate, candy corn bunting. A few strategically placed black and orange streamers, and a few mini pumpkins and you’re well on your way to a festive Halloween season.

Not too long from now, your home will be spooktacular, and no one will know it was last minute!

Happy Haunting!

24th Oct 2019 Rachel K

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