5 Tips to Make the Most of a Small Space

5 Tips to Make the Most of a Small Space

Small rooms have an advantage over larger spaces--it is easy to fill the area and create a visually appealing space. A subtle accent goes a longer way than it would in a larger room. At the same time, using the space as efficiently as you can involve creative solutions. Here are some ideas on how you can bring out the best of your smaller room.

Use Light Colors


Bedroom. From The Lovely Drawer.

Lighter colors on furniture or on walls allow more light to spread and open up a room. Leave curtains or blinds open to maximize this effect. Too much dark coloration in an already small space can make the room seem cramped. However, adding accent walls with darker colors can create an eye-catching display. 

Use Mirrors


Salvaged Charm. From Ideal Home.

A top trick for creating the illusion of space is the use of reflection. Expand a room by reflecting its own contents or its surroundings.

Maximize Storage

room design

Large Double Ash Bed with Drawers from Muji. Featured on Remodelista.

Since you have less space to work with, it's a good idea to maximize the space you have by using furniture with built-in storage space and by using storage containers tucked under a bed or displayed decoratively on a shelf. 

Use Prints

room design

Peach and Turquois Bedroom. From Houzz.

One way to instantly create a lively effect without taking up any extra space is to use prints. Use a print all across a wall, pick a printed bed set, or look for printed accent items. Or, try out these Lifehack.org  tutorials for a DIY approach to creating wall art as a fun weekend project. 

Stay Organized

room design

Custom Built-in Storage Unit. From IKEA Hackers.

Keeping a room well organized is an essential practice to making a room look spacious. Items tucked away neatly in drawers or shelves will leave more free space and create an airier feel.

These tips should help you visualize some ideas when deciding how to decorate a small room. A smaller space need not limit the creativity you can put into your decor, so gather some inspiration and try something new!

27th Feb 2017 Drew K

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