​5 Ways Light Fixtures Are Crucial for Your Business

​5 Ways Light Fixtures Are Crucial for Your Business

5 Ways Light Fixtures Are Crucial for Your Business

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 What’s the main purpose of artificial lighting? You probably said, “So we can see in the dark.” That’s one answer. In fact, there are many ways that the right lighting is important for the home or office, but do you know how crucial lighting can be for your business? Incredibly.

Whether you own a food mart, auto repair shop, bank, a grocery store, ice cream parlor, or sit-down restaurant – or are even in the process of beginning a new business – let’s talk about how you can become acquainted with the power illumination has to offer. There are multiple ways that the right lighting can bring you better sales, happier employees and customers, and all around a more successful business.

1. Proper Illumination Can Welcome New Customers or Clients Into Your Business

When you’re out shopping and spot a new shop or restaurant that appears dark and dingy, what’s your first impression? Likely that that shop or restaurant is sketchy and not very welcoming. In turn, you may not want to enter at all – so you probably won’t and never will. From a business owner’s perspective, this is exactly the opposite of what you would want.

That said, it’s important that your business is well-lit if you wish to make your building attractive to those who know nothing about your business. If it’s dark, they’ll pay no mind. But with beautiful lighting, you’ll grab the attention of others. We recommend installing beautiful barn lights outside of your storefront and pendants and/or recessed lighting on the inside to help liven up your place inside and out.

2. You Can Highlight Signs and Menus to Ensure Better Legibility

When opting for sign lights, you can illuminate any signs, menus, posters, or even artwork whether inside or outside of your store. The reason this is important is obvious: so your customers and potential customers can see what you offer, what you represent, and what your business is all about. That should be the goal for any business owner out there.

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The intention people get when they can’t read a sign or a menu with important information is that the business is either not serious about serving their customers or isn’t a business that can be trusted. When you have ideal illumination, not only can customers better see and read any signs hung inside or outside of your business, but this tells them that the business is well-put together and confident in what they offer, not afraid to hide anything or self-conscious of what they offer. Make your products and/or services known, loud and proud, with the best lighting possible. Don’t be shy!

3. The Right Amount of Lighting can Boost Your Sales by Better Displaying Your Products

Regardless of what products you may be selling, having illumination is important in terms of displaying your items. Without the right lighting, certain products may not stand out to customers. They may end up hiding in the shadows of your dull, dark space, thus, affecting your overall sales and business success.

Especially if you sell clothing, artwork, makeup, nail polishes, or other items that tend to be found in a wide range of colors and patterns, you’ll want the proper illumination to ensure these can be shown off as they deserve, and of course, be represented as their true self. In poor lighting, yellow may appear lime green, pink may look coral, and so on. Customers may feel like they are being cheated if they go to purchase a product and find that it ends up being a different color when they view it in better light later on.

Restaurants are also something that require great lighting when it comes to increasing sales. If you want customers to view menu images properly, see the details of the scrumptious offerings you have in food display cases, and to have the right lighting to take pictures of the food to post on Instagram, the right lighting is key!

But the correct lighting can help eliminate the latter from occurring and help customers make better purchasing decisions knowing they are aware of what they are buying. Additionally, opting for recessed lighting and/or pendant lights in display windows of your store, if applicable, can help draw attention and potentially increase your sales, allowing your displayed products of interest to be in the spotlight – literally.

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4. Your Employees Will Have Better Work-Efficiency

Not only will you want to attract more customers and increase sales, but you’ll also want your light fixtures to work their magic to improve the productivity of your staff. According to research, apart from productivity, the correct amount, color/temperature, and type(s) of lighting can also improve the overall well-being of employees. When employees are happy, customers are happy, and in turn, you’re happy. Lighting can bring more cheerfulness if used correctly.

It’s said that having illumination temperature that is on the cooler end of the color spectrum provides employees that are more relaxed and less stressed. However, warmer lighting can help employees brainstorm and potentially work faster as they feel more alert. Different job duties may require different illumination depending on what one wants their workers to provide. In the end, having a mix of both cool and warm lighting – as well as natural and artificial – is important to provide a favorable balance.

5. Illumination can Communicate to Your Customers

While it may not make sense right off the bat, lighting can communicate to your customers or clients. What is meant by this is that lighting provides intent and mood. Having bright lighting tells customers that you are open and willing to welcome them into your store, restaurant, or office. Dim lighting provides quite the opposite effect, depending on what your business is.

In terms of mood, the right lighting can suggest optimism, energy, and safety. These are likely all moods you would want in your business. However, for businesses that are designed to provide a more relaxing mood – such as a SPA, therapy clinic, or a fancy restaurant – you may want to opt for lighting that is dimmable but nevertheless still provides a welcoming, upbeat feel rather than something that is dreary and melancholy.

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Overall, learning about the psychology of lighting is important when deciding the right bulb color and amount of lighting your specific business may require. It may seem like an easy thing to implement, but illumination can make a significant difference in how you, your employees, and your customers or clients feel, perceive, and act.

Specifically, certain lighting may even make customers hungrier, be more willing to make a hefty purchase, or even try something new. The wrong lighting may make customers feel irritated, sleepy, or hesitant to make a purchase or opt for your service. Find the lighting that speaks to customers in the best way possible.


Illumination is simple yet something to be grateful for regardless of the setting it is placed in. Sometimes we overlook the many purposes of lighting. As for businesses, lighting is crucial as it communicates messages to customers, can boost work efficiency in employees, and can help to best display products, among other benefits.

If you’re a business owner or looking to start a small business of any sort, make sure you make illumination one of your priorities – this goes for both the inside and outside of your business. You can find a wide range of light fixtures online at our website, Cocoweb.com. We offer sign lights, sconces, lanterns, floor lamps, barn lights, and other options that can bring both purpose and aesthetics to your space.

6th Aug 2018 Priscilla E

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