7 Curtain Ideas  to Spruce Up Your Space

7 Curtain Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Curtains are a great way to add color and texture across a large part of a room. They control the light that comes through your windows and add to your decor at the same time. Here are some ideas both creative and subtle that will give your home a new feel.

white curtains

Image from KnotSquared

Macrame makes for a unique and stylish way to cover your windows. The designs add pattern and texture to create interest.

picture curtains

Image from The Things We Would Blog

These curtains made of pictures are totally unique.  And, when the light shines through them, they create a stained glass effect on the floor.

picture curtains

Image from Keep Calm and DIY

You may already have layers of curtains in your home- this is such a simple and elegant way to display these layers at once.

curtains with ruffles

Image from Anthropologie

Ruffles down your walls can really give a room fullness and personality with its fun texture. They can be classic and formal, or, as in the image above, more casual and chic.

curtains with pompoms

Image from Urban Outfitters

For a subtle upgrade, try lining your curtains with pom poms. These colorful pom poms make a splash against the white fabric.

Rope curtains blue

Image from Create Love Grow

A simple way to stylize your curtains is with rope or twine. You can easily take on this project yourself to give your space a hint of rustic aesthetic.

colorful curtains with green chair

Image from Pinterest

Fabric Strips

Strips of fabric can be arranged so many ways for a bohemian look. These curtains incorporate a bright and bold color scheme that livens a space.

Whether your style tends to be more classic, more free flowing, or anything in between, why not reflect that in your choice of curtains! There is so much shape, texture, and color to play with when thinking of how to cover your windows. We hope you found some inspiration from these ideas!

14th Jul 2017 Kathrine P

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