7 Scented Candles Perfect For Spring

7 Scented Candles Perfect For Spring

Candles have been used by various groups and cultures for well over 5,000 years as a source of illumination and to use during ritual ceremonies. Still, candles are used today for religious observances and special events like weddings and funerals. Even after electricity was invented, candles have played a substantial role whether someone forgot to pay the electricity bill, or the power went out due to a storm. Others enjoy use real or faux candles to bring peaceful or romantic ambience to a space. 

It’s clear to see that candles on a broad scale have been important over the years. As much as people like to believe they are a modern version of the ancient candle invention, scented candles too have been around for many years. For instance, in China, incense sticks were combined with candles to create homemade time clocks. The different aromas would indicate to the ancient Chinese was time it was. Later in India, cinnamon candles were common, which were much more aromatic than candles made from animal fat. Regardless of the reason various cultures used scented candles, it’s obvious that they have played an important role just as traditional candles have.

Whether you’re hoping to simply add fragrance to your home just because or want to gain aromatic benefits (e.g., stress reduction, wakefulness, etc.), the following scented candles are excellent picks for springtime:

1 - Citrus

If you’re wanting an aroma that is awakening and refreshing, a candle scented like your favorite citrus – from lemon to lime – is the most ideal. Citrus is also quite relevant for the summer months as well as it mimics the liveliness and pungency of the hotter weather and sunnier days.

However, don’t just limit your options to lemon and lime; consider other citrus or citrus-inspired scents as well including grapefruit, tangerine, lemon balm, lemon grass, and lemon verbena. Citrus is a great scent especially for an office space or anywhere else you want to receive a motivational boost.

2 - Rose

A rose-scented candle sounds very common for homes. However, in a way, rose is such a common flower and aroma that is can also be considered an underrated scent as many times, people try to instead gravitate towards “unique” aromatic blends. We tend to link roses with romance; however, many forget that roses also signify the freshness of spring and summer, making them relevant even for non-romantic settings.

Apart from placing rose candles in your master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and dining room, be open to inviting the scent of rose into other more casual parts of the home as well. The subtle scent of rose is versatile, fresh, and memorable for a variety of spaces.

3 - Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is pretty much an ideal scent for all year ‘round; however, it’s also a springtime favorite. Its piney, minty aroma that tends to feature a fragrance undertone of a dollop of creamy honey, making it both awakening yet calming at the same time. Others consider eucalyptus to have a tea tree oil aroma. Nevertheless, it’s clear why eucalyptus is a common fragrance: because its smell appeals to a wide crowd.

Due to its versatility, eucalyptus is a lovely scent for virtually any room in the home. Before deciding where to place a eucalyptus-scented candle, it’s important to consider the fact that eucalyptus is known for relieving cold symptoms and draining the lungs and nasal passages for greater comfort and better breathing – making it an ideal fragrance for the early spring months where seasonal allergies are common.

4 - Jasmine

Jasmine makes its grand appearance in spring and continues blooming through fall before halting from October to March. Many describe jasmine as a natural anti-stress and sleep aid as its aromatics are tranquilizing and peaceful. Some describe jasmine as having sort of a nutty scent, making them certainly stand out from their other flower counterparts.

Due to its aromatic benefits, it’s clear to say that a jasmine-scented candle would be most relevant for a bedroom, bathroom, reading room or home library, peaceful living room or family room, and a romantic dining space. You may also wish to use a jasmine scent in small amounts in a study room or home office – just to calm your overworked nerves a little, not to make you too sleepy, of course!

5 - Fresh Linen

Fresh linen is certainly a rejuvenating yet calming aroma perfect for the warmer months. Both spring and summer feature longer days, and thus, longer hours of productivity. Washing and hanging the laundry on a warm day is one of many tasks some look forward to as the weather is hotter, and it stays sunnier outside for longer; and therefore, hung clothes dry quicker – sometimes even faster than our driers.

So, it makes perfect sense that the smell of fresh linen would be a characteristic scent for this time of year. Fresh linen reminds of us of both hard work and comfort, making it quite a versatile fragrance for any room in the home.

6 - Honey Lavender

You can’t go wrong with the sweet scent of honey. However, you also can’t go wrong with the lovely odor of strong-yet-peaceful lavender. The two incredible scents pair together perfectly, especially during the months of spring and is even suitable for early fall before you switch your candles to scents of cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin spice.

Due to the sweetness and relaxation we can derive from the scent of honey lavender, we consider this a great aroma for places of rest: bathrooms, reading nooks, bedrooms, and the like. If you want a calming yet still livening scent, go for honey citrus or lavender citrus; the pungency of the citrus will surely help keep you at equilibrium rather than put you to sleep.

7 - Sweet Pea

The best way to describe the scent of sweet peas is light, air-y, calm, and innocent. That said, if you want a subtle fragrance for your home, the scent of sweet peas might be perfect for you. If you love the smell of roses, you might just love the smell of sweet peas as well.

We recommend placing sweet pea-scented candles in parts of your home where you want a peaceful aroma like a bedroom or bathroom. However, sweet pea is also a great aroma for the rooms you’ll be spending a lot of time in as this aroma isn’t too overpowering and shouldn’t give you headaches when exposed to it for longer periods of time.


Picking a scented candle for spring is not such an easy task considering the many options you have at hand. Various flowers, fruits, and other aromatic inspirations including citrus, rose, eucalyptus, jasmine, fresh linen, honey lavender, and sweet pea are all excellent for this time of year. So, which do you choose?

The best way to find the right scented candle for you involves not only deciding which fragrances you admire the most but also considering how each aroma is suitable for your home based on the intent of your space and the benefits you wish to receive from your chosen scent. Regardless of whether you prefer rejuvenating grapefruit or subtle sweet pea, there’s just something about having a freshly-scented candle in your space during springtime that makes every moment spent at home that much more worthwhile.

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3rd May 2019 Brooke S

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