​7 Uncommon Places to Install Bold Light Fixtures

​7 Uncommon Places to Install Bold Light Fixtures

7 Uncommon Places to Install Bold Light Fixtures:

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 When going to install new light fixtures – especially ones that are large, bold, and sophisticated – the first rooms that come to mind are the dining room, entry way, and the master bedroom. Others believe the kitchen and living room are also integral places to add bigger and better sources of light.

But would if our Cocoweb team told you that there are several other rooms that could totally rock vibrant lamps or other fixtures in a variety of styles, textures, materials, and colors? Well, it’s true.

Let’s look into some of the most uncommon, yet completely justifiable, places to install bold light fixtures.

1. The Garage

The garage is often deemed a dirty, messy place for storage, tools, and vehicles. Because the garage is still apart of your home, it only makes sense that it has adequate sources of light.

Especially if one frequently works on vehicles or has a workshop in their garage to take part in a variety of at-home projects, it makes sense to put more money into installing gorgeous light fixtures in your garage. It’s no a place where you can skimp out on the lighting.

To keep up to the industrial feel of your garage consider opting for barn lights as these fixtures have a metal, heavy-duty, water-proof, and a rustic appearance that make them phenomenal for even outdoor or garage settings.

2. A Closet

A closet may seem like an insignificant space only designed to hold clothing, shoes, and other objects. When it comes to walk-in closets, boring lighting is often installed. The misconception is, if guests in your home won’t be using it or seeing it, there isn’t a need to make it well-lit. This doesn’t make sense: what about your needs and wants for better illumination?

But even for smaller walk-in closets, adding a chandelier or one or a few pendant lights can make a closet instantly pop. It doesn’t matter whether or not guests will see your closet; most importantly is what you and other members in your household will think about both the aesthetics of a light fixture and quality of the lighting in your space.

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3. An Attic or Basement

Again with the same misconception as with closets: Many think that attics and basements have little value and that their guests won’t see it, leading them to believe that there is no need for an adequate source of lighting, let alone a beautiful fixture to bright the wow factor to their space.

But adding optimal lighting to an attic or basement can make the space appear less creepy and cold as warm illumination is added. It can also allow you to see your attic or basement from a new perspective, potentially allowing you to see how the space can be revamped for other purposes (e.g., art room, spare bedroom, etc.).

Cocoweb recommends adding barn lights to your attic or basement to keep up with the more industrial appearance, but if you’d like to turn the space into something more home-y, it’s also a great idea to add a floor lamp or chandelier to liven up the place.

4. The Playroom

The playroom is another room in the home that is considered an uncommon place to install fancier light fixtures. After all, the playroom is a casual, fun place for children. Thus, homeowners don’t think of it as a room where the best lighting is needed. In fact, many consider natural light the best type of lighting for a playroom setting.

However, better playroom lighting can also ensure that children are safer in their safe zone. Barn lights and pendant lights can provide the perfect illumination and design feature that a playroom needs to be its absolute best.

There are many heavy-duty light fixtures out there that are child-friendly in terms of being crafted of quality, non-breakable materials and being easy to clean. At Cocoweb.com, all of our thousands of light fixtures are equipped with LED bulbs. They provide quality illumination without being as hot to the touch as other bulbs on the market, making them the best bulbs for children, just in case they touch them.

5. The Laundry Room

The laundry room may seem like a place where just a little lighting would do because it’s a room where people don’t spend a significant amount of time in, and let alone, isn’t a space where guests would typically go.

However, more and more homeowners are turning towards better, more spacious laundry rooms which calls for better light fixtures. After all, doing laundry may be a quick and easy task, but optimal lighting is a must in order to tend to stains on clothing, wash muddy boots, and match socks when doing laundry.

Laundry rooms are very versatile and can take on a plethora of different light fixtures from ceiling lights to wall sonces. You can make your laundry room as sophisticated or as casual as you would like, and it all starts with the light fixtures you pick out for it.

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6. The Patio

Installing beautiful light fixtures on the porch isn’t unheard of, but how many people do you know that opt for incredible lighting on their patio? Not many. For those who had their home custom-built, usually the lighting budget is run out before getting to properly illuminate the backyard.

Adding the proper illumination on your patio can be wonderful to provide you and your guests safety and convenience in staying out on the patio later into the night. Patio lighting can also act as an added aspect of home security.

Even at night when your outdoor lights are turned off, flipping on the patio lights where you hear and unexpected noise in your backyard a night can help deter unwanted animals or even criminals from your property.

For the patio, any type of lighting will do, but right now, many are into barn lights for an outdoor seating or eating space.

7. A Pergola or Gazebo

Pergolas and gazebos are beautiful structures sometimes placed in a backyard setting. They are lovely structures with gorgeous architectural designs that are often enjoyed during hot, summer days.

But both pergolas and gazebos can offer a romantic vibe, also making them lovely for dancing or having a formal dinner under. But sadly, many keep these structures bare, with little to no lighting present.

Adding a chandelier or string of lights in or around a structure such as a pergola or gazebo is a great idea to extend the hours that one can enjoy it and to draw attention to your structure during a nighttime outdoor gathering.


As you can see, installing lighting is not just for indoor or outdoor spaces that are used or seen the most. If you thought living room, dining room, and kitchen lighting were the most important places of your home to illuminate, think again as there are many areas that are also in need of better lighting.

Even if you’re hesitant regarding getting new light fixtures at this moment, check out Cocoweb.com for a plethora of barn lights, picture lights, pendant lights, lamps, wall sconces, lanterns, and other light fixtures you can add indoors or outdoors. We have virtually any style and color you may be hoping for.

9th Jul 2018 Priscilla Estrada

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