9 Famous Paintings That Remind Us of Summer

9 Famous Paintings That Remind Us of Summer

9 Famous Paintings That Remind Us of Summer:

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Many enjoy being able to swap out the artwork in their homes to best accommodate the current season. After all, the settings, stories, and colors apart of a painting can give off a particular warmness or coolness that we associate with different types of weather.

Since it is now summer, our Cocoweb team found several wonderful works of art that remind us of summertime that you may love for your own home:

1. Endless Summer (2011) by Leonid Afremov

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Leonid Afremov is known for his landscapes with short, colorful brushstrokes and beautiful highlights. In his Endless Summer, we witness a body of water along a pathway lined with large trees. The colorful leaves remind one of a long summer slowly but surely shifting into autumn but nevertheless still offering hot, lengthy, sunny days.

The walk-in-the-park vibe received from this Afremov palette knife oil painting is both exciting and soothing – wonderful to hang in a bedroom.

2. Sunflowers (1880s) by Vincent van Gogh

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Famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers is a simple yet beautiful work for anyone whose favorite color is yellow. The vase depicted in his painting looks much like a farm summer harvest of the yellow-petal beauties.

For some, the muted colors of this painting may suggest relaxation, loneliness, or an ending to a long summer. The Van Gogh work is an essential for a bedroom, bathroom, reading room, or truly any space where a more masculine floral touch is necessary.

3. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1886) by Georges Seurat

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This next one by Georges Seurat is a beautiful pointillism work featuring muted colors. The crowded Grande Jatte along the Seine River gives memories of summer fun, relaxation, and family and friend time within the great outdoors.

Due to the feelings of togetherness and relaxation provided from this famous painting, our suggestion is to place it in a bedroom, reading area, or informal living room.

4. Poppy Field (1873) by Claude Monet

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If a field of flowers doesn’t scream summer, what will? In this gorgeous work of art by Claude Monet, notice the subdue color scheme among the field against the brightness of the blue sky and orange poppies. We can feel the heat of summer while still feeling a sense of vibrancy and excitement just from looking at this work of art.

A piece like this belongs in a bedroom, breakfast nook, family room, or living room. As a bonus, use accents of orange or yellow-brown in your space to make this painting pop in your interior design.

5. Summer Evening in the Park (2013) by Thomas Habermann

Image result for Summer Evening In The Park by Thomas Habermann date

Imagine riding your bike on a warm summer afternoon underneath the trees at a beautiful park. As you zoom faster and faster, the sun occasionally peaks through the leaves and branches of the trees. That’s what one feels when they see this work of art. There’s peace, there’s action, and most importantly, there’s summer happiness.

In this 2013 painting by German artist Thomas Habermann, the color scheme and his way of painting are incredibly unique. Parts of his painting can pass for a photograph while other sections are clearly more fictional.

This painting is quite versatile; place it in any room for a pop of green and yellow. To make the minimal colors of this work louder, choose red or yellow accents for the room you wish to house this piece in.

6. A Bigger Splash (1967) by David Hockney

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What do you want to do when it’s 103 degrees Fahrenheit outside? Make a big splash, of course! In this David Hockney painting, we can feel the splash of cold water “coming out” of this piece of art.

Just by looking at the water in this work, one begins to cool down. Plus, who knew that with such minimal use of colors that a painting like this could suggest a hot, summer day just perfectly? This painting would be wonderful for a bedroom or bathroom. It gives summer living a whole new meaning.

7. Cliffs by the Sea at Trouville (1894) by Gustave Caillebotte

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For a soft, calm, and mature summery landscape painting, check out Gustave Caillebotte’s Cliffs by the Sea at Trouville. After all, most people, when they see an ocean, think of summer time and vacationing near the coast.

Many of the paintings we’ve seen so far often have mostly warm colors. For this one, however, notice that the colors are cooler. While it has hints of warmer colors here and there, the cooler colors along the more summery setting help provide the vibe of the warmer season while still psychologically cooling one down.

To take advantage of its relaxing ambience, place it in a bedroom or reading area and enjoy its soothing effects.

8. Summer Evening (1899) by Isaac Levitan

Image result for summer evening Isaac

This next painting is a little more masculine in color and in setting, making it especially great for a cabin, office, man cave, or male bedroom. It features what looks like a ranch, farm, or country home after dinner time. It gives a sense of “a long days’ worth of work done” before a brand new summer day.

This Isaac Levitan painting also provides a hopeful, motivated, and thankful context for onlookers. Even if you aren’t into realism works or aren’t a fan of countryside landscapes, the positive feelings one receives from this work is a definite bonus.

9. Vetheuil in Summer (1880) by Claude Monet

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While clearly less realistic than the last piece we’ve looked at, we have an alluring Claude Monet impressionist, pastoral painting featuring a beautiful body of water in Vetheuil, France.

The calming colors and fuzziness of this work make it wonderful for a bedroom as it’s soothing and soft. Overall, this piece brings to light the beauty summer has to offer, from the gorgeous blue waters to the blue skies. The use of light and reflection are key components in this painting.

Emphasizing Your Work of Art with the Power of Illumination

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Whether your piece of art is loud and bold through the use of color and heavy brushstrokes or a little on the lighter and quieter side, has energetic or calming components, and is complex or fairly simple, Cocoweb has a picture light perfect for your piece. Get your art light in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles for a favorable cost.


From Leonid Afremov’s Endless Summer to Vetheuil in Summer by Claude Monet, there are several wonderful works of art to hang on your wall during the hotter months. Whether a piece showcases a beach or makes use of warm colors, it can provoke a certain sensation, feeling, or memory pertaining to summer: warmth on our skin, sunshine beating down on us, splashing in the cool water on a hot day, long days and short nights, going on vacation, you name it. The options are endless.

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