​Adding Candles To Your Home Decor

​Adding Candles To Your Home Decor

Adding Candles To Your Home Decor

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 You´re decorating your new home. You start to unpack putting furniture, curtains, accessories and so forth in their proper place. The house is almost complete after adding little touches to give it life and to make it your own. You consider all the basic design elements: color, style, shapes, lighting, space and texture. Still, you feel that your home is lacking something. What could it be? You realize that it needs something extra to make it warm and welcoming. Maybe...candles? That's it! Candles would do just the trick to bring it altogether, to make your home decor complete. And you´re absolutely right! Candles aren't just for illumination, when there's a power outage, or to release a fresh scent throughout a room. They serve for other wonderful purposes: for home interior design, for a romantic scene, and for relaxation. No matter where you place candles in your home, whether it's in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom, they are the perfect addition for a warmer and more cozy feeling.

Let's look at some ways how candles can best suit your home.

Romance in the Kitchen and Dining Room

Place candles throughout the kitchen or dining room for a romantic meal or to create a romantic ambience. Use different colors and shapes to match the design theme of the room. Also, put them on the table as a centerpiece or use light fixtures to complement the candles.

centerpiece of candles inside water with roses


Keep your bathroom fresh and cozy by putting candles together in groups throughout the bathroom or in a secluded corner. Select bright colors for style or to match the walls of the room. In addition, light a candle when in the bathtub to create a calm and soothing environment. If you have a powder room, add some candles there too.


For today´s contemporary and modern bedrooms, place candles on the windowsill or nightstand as well as incorporate attractive sconces to set the mood for a pleasant, luminous night. They even display an old-fashion appeal to modern-day design.

candles on table next to couch

Living Room

For a social gathering, a family reunion or as simple as a movie night, candles on the coffee table, on the walls using light fixtures or on candle holders make a great addition for both design and tranquility.

If you have a fireplace, use it to create warmth and peace of mind.

Patio/Outside Deck

Candles also come in handy for outdoor events or recreational purposes. They are useful for light, creative exterior design and of course, to keep annoying flies away. Decorate the patio, deck or back porch area and use lanterns to match the style.

outside lighting with candles, snow, and blankets

Holidays/Special Occasions

Candles work well for a variety of holidays and special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings and much more. Get creative and use your imagination to create magical moments in your life and in the lives of your family and friends. Use different shapes, colors, sizes, height and thickness. Accessories and decorations also blend great with candles.


As you can see, candles are great for your home. They provide various functions that you probably overlooked. Not only do they serve to provide light and a pleasant aroma, but they also give a sense of warmth and serenity, and do wonders for home interior design either by themselves or with other candles, light fixtures and other decorations. Furthermore, they can be used for any holiday, special occasion, event or to simply establish a specific feeling in a room. So, the next time you decide to redecorate, think about how you can integrate candles throughout your house or room.

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31st Jul 2018 Priscilla E

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