Adding The 2019 Chinese Lucky Colors To Your Home

Adding The 2019 Chinese Lucky Colors To Your Home

In 2019, we didn’t just enter a new year, we also are about to enter a new Chinese year beginning February 4. As we approach the year of the Yin Earth Pig, making accommodations in our interior designs according to the current Feng Shui trends is important. One of the things we must focus on in regard to making modifications to our homes is utilizing the Chinese lucky colors of 2019.

The lucky colors for each year are crucial for Chinese culture as they are believed to bring good luck to you and your household. In fact, symbolism, luck, superstitions, traditions, whatever you want to call them are often the basis of most cultures across the world as well apart of the personal lives of many individuals.

In regard to 2019’s Chinese lucky colors, one doesn’t just need to know what the lucky colors are but also what they resemble and how to actually incorporate them. That’s why we’re here to help you.


red pillows on grey couch

Before we delve right into this first Chinese lucky color of 2019, first know that the elements to emphasize in 2019 according to Chinese culture are fire and metal. Focusing on the fire element, this is where the Chinese lucky color red comes into play.

Interestingly, the color red is often considered to be an evil color in some cultures (e.g., Amish). However, in Chinese culture, red is a common color and is perhaps one of the most treasured as it represents luck. Red also resembles happiness, and thus, is why this vibrant hue is worn by brides in Chinese weddings and forbidden at Chinese funerals. Apart from happiness and luck, red also symbolizes fertility, vitality, and celebration.

Adding red to an interior design is fairly self-explanatory considering it is such a versatile color, and there are a wide variation of shades cherry red to burgundy that will look lovely in any interior design. Just be careful not to add too much of red shades that are too dark and gloomy or are too vibrant and obnoxious.


pink flowers next to beige bedspread

Also having to do with the fire element, pink is another color that is considered lucky in 2019. As a little fun fact, pink was virtually unrecognized in China until its people received influences from Western cultures. In fact, it’s said that the Chinese word for “pink” actually translates to “foreign color.” This may surprise some folks considering pink is nothing more than toned-down red, and after all, red is a common color in China.

While it may seem that pink is a feminine color, the Chinese culture does not have a gender for the color pink. But generally, this hue resembles love as it does in Western cultures. If you are afraid to add pink to your interior design, selecting one that is mostly blue-based or opting for a darker shade of pink might be great options. You might also like the idea of adding pink to your interior design by selecting objects that feature multiple colors (e.g., paintings) to help drown out the pink a little.


orange tulips against orange wall in background

Again with the fire element, orange is another great color to opt for in 2019. Orange means many things in Chinese culture: concentration, spontaneity, change, and adaptability. Many might consider orange to be a very positive, hopeful, and joyful hue. Yet, many may fear adding orange to their interior design as it can be on the louder side and tends to be considered a spring or summer color.

Fortunately, adding orange to your interior design doesn’t have to be a tragedy. Adding orange in small amounts is best, perhaps in the form of artwork. Adding orange as an accent color via pillows or throw blankets can also be fun. For the colder months, you might consider featuring burnt orange in your interior design before replacing it with a brighter orange as the weather begins to heat up.


yellow pillows on grey couch

Coming to the element metal, yellow or gold should be added to the home. In Chinese culture, gold represents wealth, completeness, and consciousness. Especially considering add this color to your interior design if you are hoping for some good luck within your career path or general finances.

Again, this is a very bright and loud color that many feel they need to work with quite carefully. But like with the last color we’ve discussed, there are different variations of shades that might be more suitable for your home. Selecting a deeper yellow in the colder months and a brighter yellow in the warmer months might be more relevant in your eyes. Adding yellow in smaller amounts can be a great idea. If you go for a brighter yellow, ensure the yellow objects you select are smaller (i.e., tiny décor items or trinkets). As for a true gold color, adding color via light fixtures and furniture is an excellent idea.


white room with white marble floors

This last lucky color of 2019 is an easy one: white. That said, you can take a deep sigh of relief as we walk through this lucky color. White can mean a lot of things according to the Chinese: strength, confidence, mourning, death, spirits, righteousness, and the fight between courage and sadness. In other words, white is considered a hue that represents the internal battles we might face as we suffer with loss. In fact, white is a common color at Chinese funerals – which is ironic for us in the United States as we typically use black, the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Adding white to your interior design is easy as many find. You probably already have plenty of this neutral hue in your home. Perhaps you may try to avoid adding more as this color isn’t very pet- or child-friendly. But our best advice is, to add white to your interior design, do it in the form of wall art, pottery, light fixtures, or other elements that wouldn’t normally be touched. That way, keeping the white in your interior design bright and clean will be easier.

Color to Avoid

While there are lucky colors in Chinese culture, there are also unlucky colors one should avoid. However, the colors you will want to avoid in 2019 will depend on your birth year, and thus, your Chinese zodiac sign.

If you were born in the year of the Snake, Ox, Horse, Pig, or Rooster, avoid the color black in 2019.

If you were born in the year of the Dragon, Monkey, or Tiger, avoid cyan blue.

If you were born in the year of the Dog or Goat, avoid green.

If you were born in the year of the Rabbit, avoid beige.

Lastly, if you were born in year of the Rat, avoid white.

Avoiding these colors in interior design, fashion, and the like might seem far fetched, but these don’t mean you have to necessarily avoid them completely. Instead, adding more lucky colors to your home setting is key to essentially overriding the back luck the latter colors may represent for some individuals. Additionally, avoiding these colors in personal bedrooms might be more important than eliminating these colors from the general home.


Whether you have Chinese ancestry or not, adding the Chinese lucky colors to your interior design can bring an exciting cultural experience to you and your household members. Even for those who do not believe in luck or superstitions, incorporating the lucky colors in your interior design can be inspiring, influential, and fun.

For those interested, the Chinese lucky colors one should consider adding to their home this year for good Feng Shui include red, pink, orange, and white. While many of these hues may be ones people want to avoid adding to their general interior design, adding them in minuscule amounts as accent colors can bring luck to your home in a snap.

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4th Feb 2019 Brooke S

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