An Inside Look into Different Barn Light Styles

An Inside Look into Different Barn Light Styles

An Inside Look into Different Barn Light Styles

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If you’re aware of the latest fixture trends, you may know that barn lights are capturing the hearts of many. Homes, shops, and restaurants – inside and out – are equipped with beautiful barn lights for both adequate illumination and for charming atmosphere. However, finding a piece that is both functional as it is stylish can be a bit of a challenge for some people.

Fortunately, knows exactly how to help you with your barn light search. Read on to discover a variety barn light styles to see which may be best for you:


Gooseneck barn lights are exactly what they sound like: light fixtures with gooseneck-shaped stems. Gooseneck lamps offer wider shades and typically provide recessed lighting wonderful charm for illuminating the outskirts of buildings, landscapes, seating areas against a wall, or other essential features inside or outside of a residential or commercial building under or near a wall.

Whether you’re hoping for a more barn-friendly style or something more masculine and industrial, there is a gooseneck out there for everyone’s taste.

Cocoweb offers over 15,000 gooseneck-styled barn lights in eight different sizes, 11 different colors, and a plethora of general styles from traditional barn to modern-rustic.

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Barn Pendants

For something very similar to a gooseneck-styled light fixture but for the ceiling, opt for a barn pendant. However, rather than being equipped with a gooseneck stem, they have a vertical stem. The simple elegance barn pendants offer can provide essential illumination within a dining area, breakfast nook, hallway, entry way, or anywhere you’d love recessed lighting.

You can find barn pendants that have shorter, wider lamp shades and ones with smaller, more rounder shades to offer a variety of different styles. Barn pendants look lovely when multiple are used in a row over a bar, kitchen island, or elongated dining room table.

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Barn Sconces

If you love gooseneck barn lights but aren’t sure if you like the curved stem it offers, a barn sconce is a great option as many have a stem in between that of a gooseneck light and a barn pendant. Sconces can be found with 90-degree angled necks that extend from a wall – or you can find fixtures with a slightly-curved neck without the overdramatizing goose-styled neck. Sconces are look beautiful when placed over a doorway or to illuminate the outskirts of a building or home.

Like pendants, the types of lamp shade styles you can find on a barn sconce are endless. For a small, tighter space where you only need a bit of recessed lighting, a deeper, tinier, more curved shade will do just fine. For spaces where you’d like a wider range of illumination, go for a traditional barn light shade, one that is wider and shorter.

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Sign Lights

Don’t let the title of this next one fool you. Sign light fixtures are not designed exclusively just to light up commercial signs; they can still provide ambient lighting for other wall features or can even be used as a picture light. Sign lights extend from a wall but shine towards a wall, making them great simply for decorative purposes.

Sign lights are beautiful when they illuminate vines creeping on an exterior wall, light up a menu at a restaurant, or are hung over a doorway to ensure company doesn’t trip on their way in.

The general versatility sign lights offer are phenomenal, that, as mentioned, are not just designed for lighting up restaurant or shop signs. However, if making the decision to select a sign light, this isn’t a style of light you’d want to significantly brighten up a dark space but rather to provide a dose of illumination to an already decently-lit interior or exterior with the intent to focus on a specific area or to provide meek sophistication.

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Barn Floor

Most people when they think of barn lights presume the best ones hang from walls or the ceiling. However, you can find a stylish and quality barn-styled floor lamp as well.

Barn floor lights often have a curved, adjustable neck and are lovely to brighten up a space while you read the newspaper, finish up homework, have a cup of Joe in the morning, or go open up the mail.

Other barn lights have a straighter neck and are optimal for outdoor pathways or for placing in a tight corner of a room. This style of barn floor lamp provides remarkable elegance and illumination for apartments where space is limited.

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Barn Posts

For something a little more outdoorsy, a barn post light – like a floor lamp – also is situated on the floor of a space, however, has an exterior post lamp feel that makes it necessary over a bench, outdoor eating area, reading nook, or anywhere needing attractive recessed lighting.

Barn post lamps can also be found for the home. Because they are more upright than many barn floor lights, they are more versatile in where they can be placed as they are mostly height rather than width. The stunning variety of barn post lamps out there is outrageous.

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Making your barn light purchase at Cocoweb

If you still haven’t decided which style of barn light is best for your space, no worries. Let’s do a bit of a recap.

  • Goosenecks. Hang from the wall and have a goose-like neck; great for lighting up the outskirt paths of a building
  • Barn pendants. Hang from the ceiling and have a vertical neck; great for dining
  • Barn sconces. Hang from the wall and have a curved or 90-degree angled neck; great for over a door
  • Sign lights. Hang from the wall and face inwards to illuminate a sign or other feature
  • Barn floor. Are placed on a floor and often have an angled, adjustable neck; great for reading
  • Barn posts. Are placed on a floor and have a more upright neck; great for pathways

You might be thinking, “Where can I find all of these barn light options?” Fortunately, has everything from goosenecks to barn post lamps, from more traditional to more modern fixture, and from bright and colorful to dull and metallic lamps – anything you can think of or imagine. The fixtures at are like no other. You can’t beat the price of Cocoweb’s barn lights for the level of quality and style they possess.


Barn lights – regardless of the style – all provide indispensable radiance in addition to a trendy design quality you can’t find in any other style of fixture. Some may say that barn lights “belong in the barn” and are no place for a home, an eatery, or a shop, but what makes these so special is that not all of them have to be rustic. In fact, most barn lights are modern or have a timeless vibe to them. In the end, barn lights are and have been popular for quite some time. They aren’t going to be out of style anytime soon.

As mentioned, is a wonderful outlet for thousands of barn light options. If barn lights aren’t your style, you can scope a variety of other lights as well from picture lights, to lanterns, to post lamps in virtually any color you could think of.

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