Back to School Shopping: Picking the Perfect Desk Lamps

Back to School Shopping: Picking the Perfect Desk Lamps

Back to School Shopping: Picking the Perfect Desk Lamp

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 The first day of school is inching closer, which means it’s time to finalize back-to-school shopping. For some, buying supplies for school means just purchasing paper and pencils. For others, it means going all out and buying each item provided on a teacher’s recommended classroom supplies listed.

Regardless of your back-to-school shopping style, selecting a desk lamp for a dorm room or for an office/homework desk is an excellent option. Doing so can ensure studying and completing at-home school assignments is as convenient as possible – or if you’re a teacher, can make grading papers and tending to other desk tasks that much easier.

A wonderful thing about buying a desk lamp is that they are portable and thus can be placed wherever you wish, as long as you have an outlet nearby (unless your lamp is battery-operated). Even when you no longer need it on the desk or table where you originally had it set, you can move it anywhere you’d like.

So, let’s get to discussing how you can find the perfect desk lamp in honor of back-to-school:

1. Decide on a lamp finish/color.

First things first before you begin your desk lamp hunting: Decide what color desk lamp would be suit you space aesthetically. While there are many desk lamp colors out there from fuchsia to sky blue, many prefer some a little more on the conservative side: nickel, bronze, brass, or anything else metallic or neutral in color.

In fact, our Cocoweb team recommends you go metallic or neutral. This is primarily due to the fact that because desk and table lamps are portable, it only makes sense to opt for a finish that will complement other rooms in your space if you do decide to move your lamp around elsewhere. Keep it versatile.

Remember that metals do not have to match within your space, but they do need to at least complement each other and not clash with one another.

2. Think about the style you want your desk lamp to offer.

Before selecting a specific style of lamp, think about the style of the space you’re planning to implement your new portable light fixture in. Is your space professional? Casual? Does it offer a more modern or traditional touch? What is the intent of your space: to learn, work, or be creative? Is there a little something your space needs more of (e.g., height, width, simplicity, etc.)?

After you have some of those brainstorming questions answered, now it’s time to decide what desk lamp will be most relevant for your space. As an example, offers desk lamps of different heights, light shades of different lengths, and generally different styles from modern to more traditional or timeless.

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A majority of desk lamps are adjustable. Many have a neck that has one or two bending points that can be adjusted via a dial or by pushing in the direction you wish. Many also have a shade that can be adjusted up or down depending on the task you are completing. Some desk lamps even offer a bendable neck that can twist in all directions. While fun for children, these are more prone to breaking and are usually constructed of less-quality materials.

Apart from light fixtures primarily to be known as desk lamps, piano lamps can also get the trick done well. They are virtually the same as desk lamps only that they can have a slightly different style – usually featuring a longer and thinner shade – that can also be sat on a table or desk.

3. Consider opting for an LED desk lamp.

Next, we will discuss technology. Selecting a desk lamp that offers LED technology is going to be your best bet for several reasons:

  • LED is less hot to the touch. This is especially ideal as desk lamps are easily within the reach of young children.
  • You’ll have a bulb that lasts several times longer when you opt for LED rather than an alternative bulb type (incandescent, halogen, etc.).
  • LED technology can save you money on your energy bill as they are more energy-efficient.
  • LED bulbs are not as damaging as other bulbs as they emit little to no UV radiation. This is important especially because many who opt for a desk lamp will be having books and other delicate papers under their lamp. With little to no UV and heat, there will be less damage and fading of text on the pages you are reading/writing under your lamp.

Fortunately, there are wonderful LED desk lamps available on Each of our light fixtures offer the latest and greatest LED technology. Many of our desk lamps have a touch control base, that with one simple touch, you can turn on your lamp just like that. Buying a desk lamp from Cocoweb also means you have the potential to purchase a desk lamp that offers dimmable technology. Being able to dim your desk lamp is a great option, especially if your eyes frequently get tired and strained from being exposed to brighter light for long periods of time.

LED can be a tad more expensive upfront, but the best part is, is that you’ll achieve lower energy bills and have less frequent bulbs to replace. Some bulbs must be replaced year-after-year, but many LED bulbs have been known to go a decade or longer before needing to be changed!

4. Keep your desk lamp within your budget.

The great thing about desk lamps is that they are affordable for many, but the issue is, with back-to-school shopping, you’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on other supplies as well. That said, it is important to find the best deals on desk lamps – especially if your school shopping budget is on the tighter side.

You can find cheaper, plastic desk lamps that are best for temporary use or can find more expensive lamps that are made with better-quality materials bound to last for several years.

When deciding on your desk lamp budget, consider the material you’d like your lamp to be constructed of based on what you can afford and the intent you have for your desk lamp. Also consider your current finances as well as current expenses, especially pertaining to other school supplies you may be needing.

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But before purchasing your new desk lamp, it is important that you set aside cash for more crucial school supplies first – or ever purchase them first. This may include a binder, pencils and pens, erasers, paper, notebooks, graph paper, folders, textbooks and reading books, a ruler and calculator, scissors, and glue or glue sticks. The grade level you or your child are attending (from pre-k to college) will determine the types and expense of your supplies.


It’s almost time for the 2018 to 2019 school year to begin; are you prepared? Apart from the many supplies you may need, from calculators, to notebooks and paper, to pencils and rulers, add a desk lamp to your list. They’re versatile for a plethora of school-related tasks including studying, reading, and even completing school projects.

Buying the perfect desk lamp doesn’t have to be a dreadful process. If you head on over to, you will find several beautiful, trendy-styled desk lamps that will perfectly suit you space. Our website also offers floor lamps, piano lamps, and other fixtures that will bring the wow factor to your home, office, or classroom setting. Once you find the ideal lamp, you (or your children) will have an easier time getting into the groove of education.

Our Cocoweb team wishes you luck on your school shopping experience, and of course, a happy school year!

1st Aug 2018 Priscilla E

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