Chime In The New Year With Daring Decor

Chime In The New Year With Daring Decor

New year, new changes – isn’t what new year’s resolutions are for? While losing weight, eating healthier, getting out of debt, and other similar personal and general life improvements tend to be common among the average person when it comes time to making a resolution, rarely does anyone say, “I’m going to go bold with my home décor for the new year.”

But when it comes to anything bold and daring, people shy away not because they don’t like it but because they fear that it is simply “too much.” But what our Cocoweb team is about to tell you is that going bold is sometimes the best thing you can do when it comes to your interior design. Even making bold decisions in interior design can help you as a person explore your inner strength and confidence.

Consider adding some of these bolder décor items to your space in 2019:

1 - Something brightly-colored or vividly-textured

bouquet of sunflowers

In interior design, many tend to shy away from anything that is too colorful or texturally loud. But if you’re wanting to go bold in your interior design or just need something quirky for your space, an object that is brightly colored, heavily patterned, or features heavy texture will be a great way to add something a little “more.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to add a yellow highlighter rug or a massive zebra-printed pot to your design. Picking décor in this category can be as simple as adding a blue wall clock to your space or a striped throw on your couch – something you would consider normal and appropriate for a home setting but may be initially hesitant to shy away from. The best part is, you can go as bold, as bright, and as dramatic as you would like, and nobody will stop you.

2 - Something surprising

When walking in, say, a living room, what are the things one expects to see? Probably a couch with pillows and a throw blanket, maybe a recliner and a love seat, a coffee table, and a television. Décor-wise, one might also expect to see vases or pottery, plants, candles, framed photographs, artwork, a mirror, a large rug, things of that sort. Generally, everyone has expectations of what they might see before even walking into a room of a house they’ve never visited before.

However, adding something surprising to your interior design can be fun and enticing. By surprising, we mean something that is unexpected, not necessarily unexpected for the room but for the interior design on a broad scale. For example, nobody would expect a giant, gold elephant statue on your living room coffee table or a concrete vase featuring peacock feathers in the center of your dining room table. The point is, try to select a décor item or few that have something odd or surprising to them.

3 - Something oddly-placed

Interior design has rules, or really, guidelines that one should follow to ensure that a space is proportional, visually attractive, and even functional. For instance, if one placed a candle on one end of a table, they’re likely going to place another candle on the opposite end to provide balance. However, if rebellion is your forte, why not do something wild with your interior design by placing décor in odd places or in an uncommon arrangement?

Maybe instead of adding a large rug underneath the couch or in the center of the room, you’ll add the rug under the television instead. Maybe instead of hanging artwork and framed pictures in a linear or square-like manner, you’ll instead hang them in a randomized arrangement. Being brave when it comes to placing things in the “incorrect” arrangement, somewhere where you never thought of, or even in the “wrong” room. Bending rules doesn’t have to have bad results.

4 - Something undefined

random piece of wood

Not everything has to make sense in your interior design. In fact, adding something undefined can add the perfect amount of abstractness to your space, enough to make it stand out from other interior designs. Organic shapes, prints with unknown objects, and artwork featuring who-knows-what can add character to your interior design and may even leave people saying, “What is that?”

Sometimes it’s not about adding things to your space that are undefined but rather playing with the imagination a little to allow each viewer to come up with their own interpretation or explanation for the décor item. Even a painting featuring an unknown living-being morphed into an animal can add some spice to your space.

5 - Something distorted

Throwing perfection out the window can sometimes be the best thing one can do for themselves. In interior design, the latter can also apply. Things that are distorted can sometimes be classified as strange or sometimes even creepy. Some may even think distorted items are “trash” if they lack symmetry and the proper proportion. However, distorted décor items can be funky and fun regardless of your current interior design style.

Artwork is an easy way to find something distorted to add to your interior design. This can be a figurine or statue featuring a body with the wrong proportions – for instance, maybe an enlarged body and a teeny, tiny head. You can even find a vase that features a distorted shape than its normally-perfect, symmetrical shape. You can decide how distorted you would like to go and what draws the line as “too much.”

6 - Something furry

For pet owners, they may already think they have enough fur in their home, but adding faux (or real if you prefer) fur in the form of interior décor can be an interesting and semi-unusual way to decorate your space. In some people’s opinions, fur décor items are simply dust-collectors. However, with the variety of lengths faux and real fur can come in, you can find one that best suits your desires. Fur can also come in a hefty variety of prints, textures, and colors.

You can add fur to your interior design in the form of throw blankets, pillows, rugs, or even cushions. Fur can be a great way to not just add something daring but also something soft and cozy to your interior design where it’s needed the most. Pairing fur with hard materials such as metals, brick, wood or stone, for instance, can provide to perfect variation of texture.


It may seem crazy to add daring décor to your interior design whether it be the primary bathroom or your master bedroom walk-in closet. But in reality, having no fears when it comes to adding the décor you love in your home setting can be one of the most empowering things you can do. Exploring the “weird” and the avant-garde in design can help you open their eyes to décor that you may have cringed at before. After all, sometimes the reason we cringe at something to begin with is because we know it isn’t viewed as “normal” by the majority, but deep down, we might actually be interested.

In the new year, we recommend adding something brightly-colored or vividly-textured, surprising, oddly-placed, undefined, distorted, and/or something furry somewhere throughout your home. Picking décor items that relate to the latter criteria can make it easier to decide what is considered daring in the first place and what you can add to your space that will spark interest.

If you need more interior or exterior design-related tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog posts .

7th Jan 2019 Brooke S

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