Cocoweb Clean: How to keep your cocoweb products looking brand new all year round!


Once you have your cocoweb products installed and looking great, you can take easy steps to make sure your lights look great for years to come! Keeping your lights clean is a great way to maximize your lighting efficiency. By maintaining dust-free light fixtures, you can enjoy the utmost brightness and wattage that your fixture has to offer. Your room can instantly look brighter after a quick cleaning of your fixtures. Be sure to follow some of these tips and your cocoweb products will remain looking brand new.

Barn Lights are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling which may be difficult to reach without the help of a step stool or ladder. Once you find a safe ladder to use and turn off your Barn Lights, take a duster with a long arm and dust down your fixture. This type of elongated duster will assist in cleaning all the crevices that is difficult to otherwise reach. When you are done, and as long as the light bulb in your fixture has cooled down, take a dry cloth and gently rub the light bulb to remove any dust or particles that may have built up on it.

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Picture Lights can be cleaned utilizing a similar method. Unplug or switch off your Picture Lights and use a handheld or long arm duster, depending on the height that your fixture is mounted, and dust all areas of the fixture. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe the bulb to keep it shining bright. An alternative way to clean your light is to spray some cleansing spray onto a dry cloth or microfiber cloth and rub down the fixture. Do not spray the cleanser directly onto the fixture to avoid getting the bulb wet.

Piano Lamps are typically placed atop your piano and are therefore, fairly easy to reach. Unplug or switch off your Piano Lamps and again, use a duster or dry cloth to wipe down the entire fixture. Use the dry cloth to wipe down the bulb. If you would like to use a spray cleanser on the fixture, you might want to remove the fixture from your piano momentarily if you are concerned that a spray cleanser might damage your piano’s surface. Spray the cleanser onto a dry cloth and wipe down the fixture and let the fixture dry before placing it back on top of your piano.

26th Feb 2016 Zeinab

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