Creative Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Creative Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means you need to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day Date ASAP! However, Valentine’s Day can feel repetitive year after year with the typical Valentines chocolates, rose bouquets and fancy restaurants. Instead, add some surprise and adventure to this romantic day! Try out these 6 creative alternative Valentine’s Day Dates to celebrate you and your significant other’s love in a new way!

Do a Staycation

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Instead of going out of the state or the country, stay in your own town. Play tourist and do activities and visit places that you would not do since those are normally touristy things.

Take a Cooking Class

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As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach”, so why not do a cooking class together? Make an exquisite and delicious meal together while enhancing your culinary skills. The added bonus, you don’t have to wash the dishes after!

Go Camping


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Disconnect from everything. Go to a local campsite or travel to a national park. Focus on spending some quality time with your partner. All the emails, texts and social media can be put on hold for a day.

Do a Scavenger hunt

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If you’re feeling creative, create a Scavenger hunt for your significant other. Lead them to memorable places, such as where you first met or your first date. This activity will be a great trip down memory lane and will be fun to reminisce the past together.

Go Dancing

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Head to a local dance studio or dance hall and dance the night away with your partner. Learn the salsa, tango or ballroom dancing or brush up on your dance techniques as you show off your smooth moves in front of your significant other.


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Valentine’s day is all about the celebration of love, so why not make someone else feel loved. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, church, or homeless shelter. You will get to make a difference in someone else’s life and strengthen your relationship through the feel-good bond of volunteering. 

13th Feb 2018 David Hara

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