Want to earn gift cards? Submit your product photos!

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We would love to see how you’ve decided to use your Cocoweb products!

Please  send in your high-quality photos of your Cocoweb products in use and we will reward you with a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

For those of you that submit outstanding photos or those we decide to use for print, you will have the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. One winner will be picked every month for the length of the contest.

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So how can you submit the best photos? Check out our FAQ about photo submissions.

  • Q. What Are The Image File Requirements?
  • A. JPEG format, Image(s) length and width at a minimum of 1500 pixel by 1500 pixel, set to 300 dpi, Hi-Res or larger files sizes preferred.
  • Q. How Do I Get My $5.00 Amazon Gift Card?
  • A. Once your image(s) are submitted, we will e-mail you your Amazon Gift Card
  • Q. How Do I Get My $100.00 Amazon Gift Card?
  • A. Once your image(s) are submitted & we decide your image(s) are of "premium" quality, we will e-mail you your Amazon Gift Card for one submission a month of the “premium” photos.
  • Q. Can I Submit An Image Of My Home That Was Shot By A Professional?
  • A. Yes. You must have documented consent from your photographer that can be provided upon request. Giveaway prizes will be awarded to the Giveaway applicant. Photos with watermarks are subject to disqualification.
  • Q. I Am An Industry Professional. Can I Submit Images Of My Client's Spaces?
  • A. Absolutely! If you submit a customer's photograph, please have proper permissions from your client. If we need to inquire about the project, please be sure to have access to the Purchase Order.
  • Q. The Light Fixture In My Room Looks Like A Cocoweb Inc. Product, But I'm Not Sure. Can I Still Submit?
  • A. Only spaces that feature Cocoweb Inc. products will be eligible for the Giveaway. If there is a question about the light fixture in the space, we reserve the right to hold the entry while we verify the product's Purchase Order.
  • Q. How Can I Take A Better Picture Of My Space? What Kind Of Image Are You Looking For.
  • A. We are looking for exciting spaces from all regions in all kinds of styles. While we want our lights to be the main focus in these images, you put a lot of work into your design, and we want to see it all. Taking your images in natural lighting with your camera mounted on a solid surface like a tripod or counter.

Now you know how to submit the best photo for your chance at the $100 Amazon Gift Card. But don’t forget, all submissions receive a $5 Amazon Gift card as our thank you!

Ready to enter? Click  HERE!

12th Jul 2016 Olivia K

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