Exploring the World of Piano Lamps

Exploring the World of Piano Lamps

For a pianist, it is as necessary as a paintbrush to a painter, a knife to a chef, and pointe shoes to a ballet dancer. From the professional performing musician to a burgeoning beginner and all skill levels in between, piano lamps are a necessary tool for the art form.

Playing a musical instrument, and especially one requiring the sheer amount of practice and dedication as the piano, is one of the greatest talents a person can possess— Music is a language without barriers or limitations, enabling a musician to speak to the hearts and minds of all, and inspire those around them. Not limited to the piano, all musicians of the keyboard family of instruments, including the harpsichord and organ, benefit significantly from the addition of a quality piano light.

Also referred to as “banker’s lamps”, piano lamps are a functional necessity and their slim design complements, rather than detracts from the elegance and beauty in which a piano brings into any room. Investing in a quality light fixture to accompany your instrument provides the hobby the respect in which it deserves. The design can be utilized in numerous applications, extending beyond music as well as the entirety of the arts.

A common concern amongst those who are hesitant on purchasing a piano lamp is often in regards to the cost. When you lift a piano lamp, it weighs more than many other lamps, particularly for its unassuming size. The light portion, which is long and larger than many lamps, must extend forward like a crane to illuminate sheet music on the piano or music stand. To balance the shade portion of the light, the base of the lamp is usually heavier, which requires higher quality materials and more attention to design. The dimmable feature of a piano lamp, as well as the fully versatile range of adjustability is also factored into the cost. Piano lamps are made specifically for the proper angle of lighting and brightness required for reading sheet music as well as viewing the piano keys, with dimmable lamps allowing you to practice day and night with comfortable eyes.

Appearance-wise, a standard desk lamp may seem like a viable option, however they disperse light unevenly and are often fitted with bulbs that are blinding or too dim. Not merely an inconvenience, but the added distractions from improper lighting can make it more difficult to focus on the sheet music, and over time can be damaging to a musician’s eyesight. A proper piano lamp helps to eliminate both straining and fatigue which usually happens when there is too much or too little illumination.

While piano lamps may cost more in general than other types of lamps, they have become far more affordable due to the advancements of LED lighting technology, which not only lasts longer, is more energy-efficient, produces minimal heat, but additionally costs less than other varieties of lightbulbs.

Your options for piano lamps are as vast as the variety of pianos and keyboards. The type of piano lamp is largely based on preference, however, if you have a full upright piano, it is necessary to have a lighting fixture with the ability to be lowered further, compared to a grand style piano or a non-upright, where the top is not so elevated. With years of experience specializing in piano lamps, Cocoweb has a large selection to suit your specific needs.

For upright pianos, a piano lamp with a wide range of adjustability is necessary. Piano floor lamps are an excellent option, as well as the table top, classic banker’s style lamp, such as our Ultra-Slim LED Banker’s Desk Lamp in Antique Brass.The beautiful brass finish brings vintage appeal to a room and is protected by an eco-friendly powder coating to preserve its beauty for a lifetime of use.

Grand pianos are the focal point of the room, immediately drawing one’s eyes directly to the impressive instrument, and as such, demands an equally stunning piano light.

This particular style of clip-on piano light is completely adjustable, allowing the light to rotate for maximum light exposure. Cocoweb’s Customizable 22" LED Grand Piano Lamp is available in multiple customizable finishes to accent any color scheme, and offers four points of adjustability. It features two independently rotating shades, enabling you to direct the light in two directions; one for sheet music and one for the piano keys. The arm of the lamp possesses two ball joints, allowing the shade to be angled. Lastly, the arms of the lamp can be adjusted vertically to allow for more space between the lamp and the music board.

Cocoweb’s remote control operated cordless piano lamps are a perfect addition to a modern home, as well as for the traveling pianist. The control has options for dimming and features a timer function for 1, 2, 3 or 6 hours of use, which is perfect for timing lessons and recitals. Each LED node lasts over 50,000 hours while shining with natural yellow light that reduces eyestrain, like the corded varieties.

Our clip on, battery operated models are a particularly choice option for keyboards, or public performances in venues without an electrical socket. This particular style is powered by four “D” batteries, with a soft foam pad lining the clamp to protect your music stand from scratches. Not only limited to pianists and musicians, this style can also be easily attached to easels for plein air painting and drawing.

22" Battery Operated LED Grand Piano Lamp in Black with Brass Accents is both sophisticated while being convenient for its portability.

With so many options to suit your individual needs, Cocoweb has decades of expertise in regards to piano lamps. Piano lamps are the cornerstone from which the company was built, and the craftsmanship and excellence found in these styles extends throughout our entire selection of lighting fixtures.

3rd Feb 2022 Crystal Washington

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