My new kick recently has been visiting as many flea markets as I can – you never know what you’ll find. I recently visited one of the largest and top reviewed flea markets in Southern California: the Long Beach Antique Market located at Veterans Stadium. This Flea Market had everything from vintage sunglasses, to beautiful frames and mirrors, to dressers, old dolls, custom necklaces, custom lighting, to one stand that had racks and racks of Flying Tomato shirts and dresses – all for $10.

My favorite stand that I found was the stand of custom lighting. Here are some pictures of custom pieces from Filament Vintage Lighting:

Overall this Antique Market is definitely worth checking out. It’s in a stadium, so you can imagine how large it is. It took me nearly two hours just to browse through everything! I ended up leaving with a flying tomato shirt, a new ring, and a button down shirt for my boyfriend all for under $35. Spending such a low amount of money tells me this flea market is worth it. And I’m in love with what I have found!

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