It’s true, some of us get extremely lazy in college. We know we should be more active, but all that pizza and beer from the night before makes us really want to put on some sunglasses, drink a big glass of orange juice, and face the day by driving the short distance it takes to get to class. My challenge, however, is to check and see how much money and gas you would save (not to mention how much you could help the environment) if you started riding a bike. Let’s dive in and take a look. How much money can you save biking to school?

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These calculations are based on the average college student who has 4 days of class a week, 9 months a year.

2 miles away: Check this out, if you live just two miles away from school, by riding a bike you can start to save 61.5 gallons of fuel just in your first year. You’ll prevent a whopping 1,207.6 pounds of CO2 emissions, and you’ll also save $2,390.90 per year.

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5 miles away: If you live 5 miles away from school and you start biking to and from class, you will save an average of 153.7 gallons of fuel per year. You’ll also prevent an average of 3,019 pounds of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere. How much money will you save? You’ll save an average or at least receive benefits that equal up to $3,560.90 every year.

10 miles away: 10 miles away may seem daunting, but it can be done. If these numbers don’t convince you, I don’t know what will. You’ll save 307.4 gallons of fuel while preventing 6,038 pounds of CO2 emissions. In your first year you’ll save an average of $5,510.90.


15 miles away: Those that live 15 miles away can experience the biggest amount of savings. On average you could save 461.1 gallons of fuel per year while preventing 9,057.1 pounds of CO2 emissions. In addition, you can save up to $7,460.90 in your first year alone.

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Now that you have the numbers, we here at Cocoweb Sport are here to help. It’s time to start biking to school! Make a back to school resolution to help the environment while saving some money, and we’ll help get you geared up and ready for anything.

31st Jul 2014 David Yu

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