How Smartphone Lights Can Negativly Affect You

How Smartphone Lights Can Negativly Affect You

It is night. You are about to sleep. You start getting ready, hearing the rain outside in the Southern California storm. The lights are off. You get in bed. You are getting sleepier, but then you hear a noise and your phone lights up. You respond. It takes a while to get the conversation to finish, and you try to sleep again. But it’s harder now. Why?

That’s because phones emit something called blue light. It affects your body in a multitude of ways, one of which includes the disruption of melatonin. Melatonin itself is basically the way the body is saying it is time to sleep. And so with the disruption of melatonin, your brain is tired the next day, making it harder to learn. In the process, with repeated exposure, your body will not produce enough neurotoxins, which in turn will make it even harder to sleep. Other things that can happen are an increased risk of obesity (hunger hormones), an increase in cancers, and an increase in depression.

So how should you shy away? One solution is to use LED lighting, which are cheaper, better for your eyes (rather than having blue light -which is artificial lighting and found to have worsening effects at nighttime. LED lighting is found in numerous forms. They can be found in piano lamps [link], barn lights [link], picture lights[link], or desk lamps[link].In any case, better lighting reduces eye strain, which is better than using your smartphone in the darkness, which in turn will decrease the chances of melatonin disruption. Go ahead and protect your eyes today- make sure you have perfectly good lighting when texting at night! Use vintage LED lighting today!

6th Oct 2015 Raymond Lee

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