How to Start Your Art Collecting Hobby

How to Start Your Art Collecting Hobby

How to Start Your Art Collecting Hobby

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Who says collecting art is a hobby for the rich? You can’t be sure that something is restricted to just the elites. Hobbies are for everybody and if you think that money is the key to being a good collector, then maybe it's time to rethink. The key is not to have the best piece of art come to you. It is to go to the art yourself. The trick is to know what to look for, while knowing where to look for it.

Hobbies are not something you can get excited about and accomplish in a few days. A lot of people can take the initiative, but not long after that they end up leaving that goal behind. This is an important thing to consider before you begin. What you're after is not something that's predefined. Nor will it be easy. But if you're really up for it, you can be sure that if you put yourself into it, you can have a fulfilling and rare art collection.

Know What Art Is

Most people usually go about it the wrong way when considering what to collect. Art for most people can be expensive abstract paintings, some hand crafted expensive ornament, or some ancient piece of decoration or traditional jewelry. But true collectors know that this is not it. Art is reflected in the work of the artist. It could be a Piano Lamp or something that’s not so easily available in standard art galleries like picture lights. Art doesn’t have to be any special kind of item. Besides, who needs their collection to be the stereotypical art collection that people have?

Know What Art Isn’t

Going about it the other way around can prove to be silly as well. Not everything can be classified as art. That is why you should know what you're going to add to your collection. There is a world out there filled with art pieces. True art is never done by the most famous artist. It is often noted that the most amazing pieces of art to ever come up in the world have been from the most unexpected places, such as street artists living in the culture they're manifesting in their work. However, not all are of the same value. Knowing what to see and what to ignore is important.


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To completely understand art, you must dwell in it. Try exploring what type of art you’re interested in collecting. Some of the most artistic pieces of barn lights could be found in yard sales. Some art collectors have thoroughly analyzed and explored  picture lights before looking for them. Using the internet to find an object is one thing. Using it to know all about the object before looking for it is the smarter thing to do. Having a barn light collection, piano lamp collection or picture light collection can be just as fun as having a card, ornament, CD, record and/or vinyl collection. Nevertheless, you should clearly define your set of conditions that the object you collect must fulfill. After all, it's your art collection.

Be honest with your hobby. If you're onto something, such as knowing the location for a rare piece you're after, don't procrastinate or let laziness get the better of you. It would devastate you to have someone else take what you're looking for. Art collecting is more than just a hobby. Some people are passionate about it. If you don't get there fast, chances are somebody might beat you to it and you'll be watching them increase their collection. The rarer the art, the better the collection can be.

Always Be on the Lookout

Another tip for having this type of hobby, especially if you're in the adequate line of work, is that you should never stop. Whether you're engaged in work, searching for something else, taking a stroll around the block or are on a road trip somewhere, always be on the lookout to improve your collection. It might surprise you to know how many collectors have found the most special pieces of their collection in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Say, for example, you're on the lookout for barn lights, some instrument or some piano lamp, you can be sure that you could find them in any home, at any pawn shop, or even at the flea market. There's no special place for art to be nor a special place for it to originate from. True collectors are historians. They don't write the events. They gather proof. Know how to be a fantastic collector rather than a typical one!

What to Expect

In the beginning stages of your hobby, you’ll have to be very patient. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean waiting. You’ll have to be patient with yourself. Knowing what you are going after is the most important thing. Spend as much time as necessary to determine what kind of art collection you want. Explore it thoroughly and patiently. You’re going to have to learn to keep a very open mind regarding art. It is always noted how collectors, in their ego, end up neglecting true art. Don’t fall for this. Let art come to you.

Money isn’t always be the solution. You don’t have to go for the expensive, on the market stuff. Most good collectors have started off from just 1000 bucks in their pockets. Art is everywhere for those who search for it. You don’t necessarily have to be a billionaire and have a hallway for your collection.

Normal people who became esteemed collectors have their homes filled with their collections. If you ask any one of them, they would probably tell you that they started off from their table, then a shelf, then a closet and then maybe a room. Slowly, they reached the point where storage rooms were needed, but since they couldn't afford them, they ended up making their collection a part of the house.

Final Thoughts

Important things to know in order to become an art collector are revealed through experiences. In sharing those experiences, people have described that being a collector is not a hobby for everybody. You need to make sure that your collection is always safe. That means safety from theft, fire hazards, or duplication. This is your art collection, so make sure you protect it.

Most famous doll collectors, for example, have described the frustrations they have faced, such as waiting and never knowing if you'll be able to find that doll you want. This anticipation may be uncomfortable, but never giving up on your hobby is the way to go. Again, people tend to give up a lot of their hobbies. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

All that said, starting your art collection is an exciting thing to do. But don’t get frustrated and don’t get too ignorant. Staying honest to your hobby is crucial.

10th May 2018 Jordan R

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