​How to Transform Your Home to Autumn

​How to Transform Your Home to Autumn

How to Transform Your Home to Autumn

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 Although it’s still summer, autumn is creeping up on us soon. Many see the month of August as a transition period of summer to fall. Some may already be noticing that fall is in the air. The nights are starting to get cooler, days are getting shorter, and some trees are already showing signs of color changes.

As the outdoors change, it’s also a prime time for us to switch things up in the interior design of our homes. We’ve whipped up some tips to help get you a head start on transforming your home to match the beauty, warmth, and coziness of autumn:

1. Switch up your color scheme.

Drop the sea-inspired blues and bright greens, and instead start adding warmer colors to your space: shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown. If you already have some of these colors, all the better.

Some like to keep the overall style of their rooms fairly neutral or at least versatile for all the seasons while letting the décor itself (e.g., pillows, vases, artwork, etc.) speak the season. For those with a more neutral color scheme throughout – décor and all – this makes the transition to autumn that much easier. This may mean simply adding an accent or two of warm colors into the space.

But before picking a temporary color scheme, stop to think what warmer color stands out the most to you. You may even want to pair a warmer color with a certain neutral (e.g., orange and gray or red and brown) as part of your theme. You don’t have to utilize all warm colors just because – unless you want to.

2. Bring fall-friendly elements indoors.

Apart from adding the right colors, it’s important that it you want your space to be completely immersed into fall that you add inspirations of autumn in the form of décor. Consider adding artificial leaves, ceramic owls, scarecrows, haybales, a fall wreath, decorative corn, fake pumpkins or squash, faux wheat grass, and acorns into your design to really bring the upcoming season to life.

pumpkins with pine cones and autumn leaves

You can be as discreet as you prefer with your fall decorations. In some people’s opinions, adding fake pumpkins, squash, and leaves is a bit cheesy. If you consider yourself part of the latter statement, you may find other elements more appealing: decorative potpourri, wooden objects, sunflower bouquets, or candles.

The elements of fall you add into your space may not even be designated just for fall at all. Maybe the décor objects will have the right color scheme for autumn but not necessarily indicate the season. It’s up to you to decide what objects you find most suitable for fall and how specific or broad you want to go. There isn’t a right or wrong answer; it’s your space.

3. Add romantic lighting.

When autumn comes to mind, some may think of a toasty fire. If you don’t have a fireplace or don’t wish to light one, some like the idea of featuring a fake fireplace on a television which can be just as relaxing as a traditional fire, just without the heat. Regardless of the type of fireplace – real or fake – it’s always great place to cuddle by or have a great conversation with a loved one.

Another ideal way to add romantic lighting to your home would be to add candles to your space. But if adding fire to your space seems risky, especially with children around, you can always opt for battery-operated candles that still give off a warm, realistic flicker that is soothing and relevant for the season of fall. Candle lighting is especially great for fall dinners or while reading a good book. Some may even like candle lighting when they fall asleep, that is, if they are fake candles with no potential fire hazard.

Another way to add romantic autumn lighting to your home is to consider installing dimmable light fixtures (or utilizing if you already have them). Dimmable light fixtures can come in many sizes, colors, and types from barn lights, to floor lamps, to wall lanterns. Dimmable light fixtures are ideal for all seasons, but there is something special about dimming the lights in the evenings during autumn and enjoying the flicker of a fire or candles. It’s a great way to enjoy fall and what it has to offer: peace and quiet.

4. Break out the autumn-y scents.

What’s autumn without scents of cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cranberry, chai, orange, or cedarwood? Perhaps you have a certain scent or combination of scents that you admire the most in the fall. Try to opt for the scent that brings back memories from previous autumns you’ve encountered. Remember that this is a time for relaxing, making new memories, and of course, enjoying old memories.

Adding fall aromas into your home is simple. Best of all, autumn-y aroma can be accomplished in numerous ways. You may decide to add these scents via potpourri, essential oil diffusers, reed diffusers, scented candles, sprays, or through other means. Some prefer to boil ingredients of their choice to bring a lovely scent to their room. Here are some homemade stovetop potpourri recipes you may want to give a go:

Some are more sensitive to scents than others. If you consider yourself sensitive, a wise option would be to opt for only natural or even milder scents. Essential oils or homemade stovetop potpourris are ideal as these can be diluted or toned down as necessary, and not to mention, won’t contain chemicals or fake scents that may otherwise irritate your sinuses.

5. Make your home cozier.

For most, summer is the season of excitement and action. However, autumn on the other hand is all about family, friends, gratefulness, making memories, slowing down, and keeping cozy. That said make your home environment all about relaxation and gathering.

black cat in cozy blanket

To make your home even a tad bit cozier, consider the following tips:

  • Add throw blankets to the backs or on the arms of sofas and chairs.
  • Utilize your fireplace.
  • Place fluffier pillows on sofas and chairs.
  • Implement a large, soft rug in the center of your living room.
  • Add peaceful landscape paintings to your home.
  • Incorporate dimmed lighting and/or calming aromas.

Overall, during the fall, make sure that you go the extra mile to make your home as relaxing and simple as possible. If you or others in your household get autumn and winter blues, coziness can help associate positive vibes to the season and allow them to enjoy themselves through the process of the season changes. Even getting involved in decorating for autumn can bring renewed joy, allowing one’s once negative memories with the cooler seasons to melt away.


It’s just a matter of time before autumn arrives. Due to this, it’s a great time to start planning or even implementing changes to our interior design to make it fit for the season. Even if you don’t usually decorate for fall, it’s little thing such as adding candles, hanging a fall wreath, or adding fall scents to your space that can make a significant difference.

If you really want fall-ready illumination, head on over to Cocoweb.com where you will come across many dimmable light fixtures that will look stunning in your interior design with a touch of autumn. 

10th Aug 2018 Priscilla E

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