​How To Use Plants With Lighting When Decorating Your Home

​How To Use Plants With Lighting When Decorating Your Home

How To Use Plants With Lighting When Decorating Your Home

plants in lights

 When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many options and design styles that you may feel overwhelmed and indecisive. That's why it's logical to make things simple. In fact, sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. You don't have to overdo it and fill your house with furniture, accessories and decorations. Just like a picture says a thousand words, a clean, uncluttered house or room gives a huge impression. One way to decorate your home with simplicity, yet style, is to include plants.

Decorating with plants provides a whole natural, beautiful feeling to your home. Plants are affordable and you can change the look with each season or your preferred mood. Furthermore, they offer a healthy option for you and your family since they take part in purifying the air.

A great way to incorporate plants in your home decor is to use different alternatives of lighting. The following are some tips on how to use plants with lighting when decorating your home:

  • Potted Plants: The pots you use for your plants provide a certain style to the area you`re decorating. Remember the design rule of “odd numbers”? Grouping objects in odd numbers on a surface create visual interest and harmony. So place three similar potted plants together but with each one different in its own way. You can simultaneously create a rustic look but with a touch of elegance. You can even take it a step further and position candles or tea lights around the decorative plants.
  • Paper Lantern: To give a feminine, graceful look, add hanging flower-covered paper lanterns. Floral lanterns provide a delicate, soft tone in a female bedroom.

floral lanterns

  • Centerpiece with Lanterns and Flowers: A small flower vase with an antique lantern makes a great centerpiece for the dining room table or in the study room on a bookshelf. You can use a small potted flower instead of keeping fresh-cut flowers and add candles to create a warm and calm environment.
  • A Ladder with Vines and Lights: For an outdoor location such as a garden or courtyard or a special occasion such as a wedding, create an appealing decoration with a ladder wrapped with vines or branches and adding lights along the sides.

ladder wrapped with vines and branches

  • Birdcage: A birdcage with plants and lights creates a vintage look. It can also set a romantic mood.
  • Piano: Depending on the size and style of the piano, either place a plant on the surface of your piano or a large-sized potted plant next to it. Also, put a piano lamp to achieve both task lighting and decoration.piano with plant decor
  • Barn lights: Back in the day, barn lights were only used for outdoor purposes. However, nowadays, barn lights are now being used for indoor home lighting along with decoration to create an industrial, rustic look. Since barn lights give a natural farm-like appearance, plants would fit perfectly in this type of scenery. Bring outdoor nature into your home and enhance your house with a variety of plants of all sizes.

There are many ways you can incorporate plants with lighting to give a decorative, natural look to your home. However, keep in mind to position plants so that they receive sufficient natural light. The idea is to create a pure, earthly design style to your home decor without killing living things as well as the ambience of your room or house. So, be creative and add some green to your home but keep it simple.

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24th Jul 2018 Priscilla E

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