Interior Lighting Tips for the Living Room

Interior Lighting Tips for the Living Room

Ever thought about ways to refine your living room to create a fresh, new environment? There are a number of methods to brighten up the interior in order to create a vibe that brings about a uniquely different feel.

Ambient Light Layering

Overhead-only lighting can look unflattering on its own, casting sharp shadows in instances where no other sources of light are available in the room. Interior designer Jen Going states, "A balanced lighting plan will eliminate shadows and cast an even glow throughout the room. Overhead lights are fine when there's also light coming from other heights, like a pair of sconces or lamps. I also use dimmers on all lighting to control the mood."— Jen Going Interiors

In order to achieve that soft glow throughout the room, other lighting fixtures or lamps are a great way to balance out the overhead light coming from the ceiling. In addition to barn lights that can be added onto the walls, other objects such as lamps are another way to bring luminescence at varying levels of height. Cocoweb's barn lights and desk lamps are designed to be compatible with dimmers that can adjust the intensity of the illumination to your own personal tastes. This way, the shadows cast by the recessed ceiling downlights are not too harsh, and the light coming from the other bounces off the ceiling and walls to create a subtle ambient atmosphere.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is used to "accent," or highlight an architectural feature or an element in the room such as a painting, fireplace, or plant. One such example of this would be a picture light used to highlight an artwork on the wall. Such a style is fit for a unique blend of contemporary and classic design in interior living, and draws your attention to the key piece in your room whether it's a photograph, bookshelf, or sculpture.

Picture Light Interior Living Room Yellow

Picture lights are a fantastic way to accentuate a piece of art displayed in the room.

Task Lighting

Don't forget to add task lights to your living room—these are another type of lighting that involves higher concentrated illumination for tasks such as reading in the living room, or cooking in the kitchen. For instance, adding a dimmable desk lamp to a side table next to the couch is a practical yet effective way to add more ambient lighting to the room and at the same time provide sufficient light needed for you to relax leisurely and read comfortably.

Photographs (c) One Kings Lane, Southern Living

26th Mar 2015 Jennifer Yang

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