We here at Cocoweb are always looking for ways to expand; we’ve moved from lighting to sports to electronics, growing as a company in our commitment to producing quality products at an affordable price and so, we’re proud to announce our newest selection of products: Introducing Cocoweb Home Goods, our hub for everything that has to do with modernizing your living space.
Blackspot Security Light Looking to protect your house with the best in home security? Try out our BlackSpot Motion Detector! Once this security beacon detects motion, it showers the surrounding 400 square feet with bright rays of light measured at a super bright 350 lumens. Using Cocoweb’s advanced LED technology, the BlackSpot security light’s two long lasting, energy efficient LEDs are sure to keep your home secure.

Got pesky animals digging up your yard or eating up your garden? Check out our Humane Away Pest & Animal Repeller, the most humane solution to keeping your yard safe while still keeping pests away. Once the repeller’s passive infrared motion detection system detects an intruder, the device’s bright flashing strobe and ultrasonic emitters fire up to scare this would-be pest away. The Humane Away is a harmless-yet-effective solution to driving any sort of animal out of your home.

Cocoweb is also proud to introduce its newest advancement to home security, the PortBlock Dual-Function Security Bar. This heavy-duty bar that attaches to doors and windows in order to keep them completely shut and preventing them from being forced open. And because the frame is crafted from rugged steel, you can trust the PortBlock to keep you and your home safe.
Blackspot Security Light To accent the security of your home a sense of comfort, check out Cocoweb’s new ionClear Ionic Air Purifier. This air purifier fights back against the woes of allergens and other air irritants, as advanced systems create negative ions that cleanse the air in your home. And as an added bonus, the ionClear never needs a replacement filter, a convenient and cost-effective solution to cleaner air in your home.

Cocoweb also has your outdoor needs in mind as well, with our SmarTrap Insect Trap, an elegant and lasting solution for anyone who’s ever itched at a bug bite. The SmarTrap attracts insects with its irresistible ultraviolet light, and then vacuums them up into a trap where they can expire in peace, reclaiming your porch without the use of poisonous chemicals.

Finally, for home automation, try out our new Fyrfly 360 Night Light. This ceiling light makes light switches a thing of the past; the Fyrfly acts on a motion detector of up to 20 feet, providing 100 lumens of rich LED light automatically and only when you need it. As an added bonus, the Fyrlfy can be attached to almost any ceiling and, because it uses our energy efficient LED technology, it has an average burn time of 50,000 hours, equivalent to about 20 years of use.

Those looking to make their home a more comfortable and secure place should no look further than Cocoweb’s Home Goods. Outfit your home in convenience and style, a modern living space made possible by the latest technologies available from Cocoweb.

17th Dec 2014 Jeremy Young

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