Introducing our barn post lamps

Introducing our barn post lamps

The post light has been around since the 4th century and has gradually changed from candle lighting to incandescent, and now lamps.

It has shaped the way we light our cities, towns and homes. That change is still seen today.

Modern, Classic, Vintage.

These words come to mind when you think of our reinvention of the style barn post lights.

With a design that mirrors vintage style barn lights, it keeps its modern feel, but with a classier look.

These lights exude the built to last satisfaction that are our lights are known to have.

With such a variety like the Customizable Blackspot LED Barn Post that is available from size 8”,10”,12”,14”, and in 5 finishes (Black, Cherry Red, Matte Black, Jade, Mahogany Bronze, & White) it's hard to say no.

post lamps, outdoor

Our patented LED lighting is energy efficient, shines with natural yellow light, and lasts for over 50,000 hours.

The shine is brighter than most screw-in bulbs and uses 75% less electricity.

Plus, no need to worry, the fully weatherproof lamps are also made to withstand rain or shine, so you can have peace of mind knowing that our Barn Lights are built to last.

backyard post lamps

The 132’’ Peony Designer Outdoor High Street Light with 10’’ Shade is sure to light up your yard with its classy look.

Perfect combination of modern and rustic.

post lamp

Our 96’ Oldage Custom Outdoor LED Barn Post, allows for dimmable lighting reach of up to 1600 Lumens. The look of this lamp has the same dome shape fixture that perfectly works with our LED Array to capture that vintage barn post feel. 

30th Jan 2018 Armando

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