Light Up a Room - Tips for  Lighting Each Room in Your Home

Light Up a Room - Tips for Lighting Each Room in Your Home

Lighting done right can completely change a room and how you feel when you walk into it. Each room, depending on its use and its layout, can best benefit from different types of lighting. Below are some suggestions for the best ways to light each room in your home.

Living Room
      The living room is one of the rooms that allows for more liberal design. With the right light choice, the normal living room is able to present a totally different atmosphere. Recessed lighting is a great option that will illuminate the entirety of a living room. A floor lamp is a simple way to flood the whole room with light as well. To create a warmer and brighter ambiance, try adding sconces or table lamps in addition to your floor lamp. This is a room that can also greatly benefit from the addition of accent lights such as art lights. Track lights can highlight unique items in your home and create an elegant atmosphere.

 Living room with fire                                                           

                                                                                              Image from

                                                                                               Living room with recessed lighting

living room with white couch and two lamps

                                                                                                       image from

                                                                                                  Living room with floor lamp

sconce light with picture on the wall and door

                                                                      image from

                                                                                                     Living room with sconces

Dining Room
      Chandeliers are classic when it comes to dining room lighting. Pendant lights are an alternative similar in effect but more simplistic in design. They are a great choice if you're aiming for a clean, modern aesthetic. 

chandlier in kitchen with love on the wall

                                                                          image from

                                                                                                      Dining room with chandelier

     Wall sconces are a decorative way to light a patio or a backyard. 

Outside of house looking in with pools

                                                                               image from

                                                                                                             Patio with sconces 

      Recessed lighting is perfect for kitchens as they take up no space and leave plenty of room to move around and to store goods. Pendant lights and ceiling lights are another great choice that stays out of the way while providing stylish lighting.

Pendant lights hanging from ceiling and counter

                                                                       image from

                                                                                                    Kitchen with pendant light

       Like most rooms, bedrooms can benefit from a floor lamp that lights the whole room. This is a particularly suitable option since bedrooms are usually not too large and therefore easy to fill with light. A wall sconce or a table lamp next to a bed or on a desk is great task lighting for activities like reading or working.

Floor lamp in bedroom with bed

                                                                     image from

                                                                                                    Bedroom with floor lamp

      Wall sconces are a great choice for vanity lighting next to a bathroom mirror. 

          bathroom with mirror and shower

                                                                               image from

                                                                                                      Bathroom with vanity light

Hallways and Stairways
      Hallways and stairways are narrow spaces. As such, they are best lit with fixtures that take up the least space, such as wall sconces and ceiling lights.

                                      Ceiling light and stairs

                                                                    image from

                                                                                                     Hallway with ceiling light

      Want to change your house vibe with low cost? Lighting accommodation is one of the fastest and most effective ways to alternate your house vibe in just a second! Still, do not forget to tag us at #cocoweb #lighting for more interior ideas and any material you wish to read!

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