Lighting Up Your Fourth of July Right

Lighting Up Your Fourth of July Right

Lighting Up Your Fourth of July Right

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Every American knows that the Fourth of July, aka Independence Day, is right around the corner. It seems surreal to think that as of this year, the United States will have been independent for 242 years! It doesn’t seem that long, right? Regardless, it is something to be thankful for.

For this special American holiday, let’s discuss how we can make your Fourth of July light up right – both figuratively and literally.


When one thinks of Independence Day, they think of American flags; red, white, and blue; stars; gold or silver; fireworks; and everything barbecue related.

Many like to keep decorations for this holiday fairly simple and straightforward: blue or red tablecloths and drinks and perhaps some tiny flags stuck in their front lawn.

While anything pertaining to the above can make for great decorations, a little more creativity is in order to make your Fourth of July truly light up, leaving your party guests in awe.

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Consider opting for patriotic-colored flowers to freshen up your tables, opting for blue or red caddies to store napkins and utensils, hanging star-shaped cookie cutters from the ceiling, or purchasing balloons. Instead of blue or red confetti, considering going for gold or silver to add a pop to your tables.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative individual, check out these affordable, quick, easy, and cute DIY projects:


Most people will be dining and watching fireworks outdoors in their front or backyard. That said, opting for exterior lighting is crucial as you and your guests party long into the night. has a wide array of great barn lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, post lights, and other exterior (and interior) light fixtures that will make your party well-illuminated. Our online store even has many table lights and lanterns you can select from to make your tables well-lit as well.

Best of all, our Cocoweb store offers lighting it the colors red, white, or blue – perfect for your patriotic gathering, such as the fixtures featured below (same model, just different colors – you can pick from other shade and stem colors as well!):

Customizable Dahlia Barn Light

Customizable Dahlia Barn Light

Customizable Dahlia Barn Light

You may be thinking, why is exterior so important for my Independence Day party? Having the right lighting can ensure many things: that your guests can see what they are doing/eating, for better illumination for those lighting up fireworks, to eliminate guests tripping or slipping in your yard, and most importantly, to make your guests feel safe and welcome.

Plus, when it comes to exterior lighting, you can never have too much illumination when both you and your party guests greatly depend on it. Even long after the party is complete, you can continue to use your fixtures for other purposes.

Check out these 8 Important Reasons Why You Should Install Exterior Lighting if you’re still weary about opting for more.

Food and Drinks

Whether you’re planning on having a barbecue, potluck, or other cuisine at your Independence Day party, you can make anything on your menu patriotic with a little food dye, colorful toothpicks, tiny American flags, patriotic-colored sprinkles, or a Fourth of July-themed representation or display.

We’ve selected some tasty entrees, sides, and desserts that are both American as they are tasty! Check them out:

Close-up Photo Of Sliced Watermelon

4th of July Suggestions and Precautions

Of course, there are some rules and guidelines one should follow to make their Independence Day fiesta as happy, fun, positive, and safe as possible. Here we go:

  • Always have a bucket of water or hose nearby where you plan to light your fireworks – just in case anyone or anything gets caught on fire or gets burned or injured in anyway.
  • Keep a phone on hand just in case an emergency line needs to be called in case a fire, etc. begins.
  • Only allow adults (18+) to light fireworks. Even adults should have at least one other individual present to monitor in the case that something does go wrong.
  • For babies and younger children, do not keep them too close to the fireworks. Consider purchasing sunglasses and earplugs to protect their eyes and ears in the midst of the fireworks.
  • Keep fireworks away from grassy areas or plants, and most importantly, away from yours or others’ homes.
  • While it won’t stop anyone, try to keep away from the use of illegal fireworks. Not only could you get caught and fined (and even have other illegal fireworks confiscated), but if something goes wrong (e.g., house fire), you will be responsible.
  • If you plan to do fireworks in your driveway on in the street, be mindful of those passing by. Try to keep your fireworks not in the center of the road but closer to your driveway, so vehicles can still drive by. Let any cars or people pass by before you light the next firework.
  • Advise young children not to touch or play around with fire or fireworks in the wrong ways and to keep them away from others and objects.
  • If opting for exterior barn lights or other fixtures, make sure you purchase and install them days before the party, preferably not the day of, to ensure they work and will be ready to go before the big day.
  • Have multiple lighters on hand just in case the one you’re using for lighting fireworks happens to go out or malfunction.
  • Ensure all house pets are kept indoors on the Fourth of July. This may mean closing off any cat or dog dogs, putting them in a large kennel with food and water, and shutting/locking doors and gates.
  • To help your pets deal with the stress of fireworks, consider purchasing them a ThunderShirt, turning on the television or music lightly to help distract them, and keeping the lights down lower. While not recommended, there are also medications out there to keep your pet calm but please only use if your pet gets in severe distress during the Fourth of July.


When you do Fourth of July right, you’ll feel it! It should be a day where you feel relaxed, confident, and patriotic – not a day where you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come about when you plan and put together your party.

Remember, you can make your Independence Day celebration as simple or as complex as you’d like. Even on a tight budget, you can create the party of your dreams if you choose to opt for DIY decorations and choose to make your own food rather than cater. There’s a lot of options at hand.

Our Cocoweb team wishes you a very happy and safe Fourth of July this upcoming Wednesday! If you’re ever in dire need of barn lights or other exterior light fixtures for your party, check out our lovely selection.

Be safe, have fun, and do Fourth of July right!

29th Jun 2018 Jordan R

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