Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Some tips for outdoor lighting include evaluating the spaces, the weather conditions and the electrical requirements for the lights. The purpose of outdoor lighting is to illuminate a space such as with porch lights, patio lights, landscape lighting and sign lights. Barn lights with goosenecks are useful for directing the light on porches, which includes the light over doorways or chairs. The arrangement of lighting fixtures can be designed to illuminate spaces with a minimal number of lights.


The space to be illuminated can be expanded by elevating the lights. There are height restrictions on porches because the ceiling height will limit the options. The choices for patios and landscapes are controlled by local laws, which are used to prohibit homeowners from inconveniencing neighbors with intrusive lighting systems. More lights will be required to illuminate a space if the height of the lighting system is reduced because the lights will have a narrower range of illumination.

Weather Conditions

The designs of lighting systems will be influenced by weather conditions such as rainstorms or snowstorms. Gooseneck barn lights could be damaged by heavy snow and ice, which may bend the goosenecks and cause electrical hazards. If a bulb is not enclosed inside a light, then it may shatter from the force of the wind or other outdoor elements, which may in turn may rip the light from its mounting surface. Even if they are weatherproofed, for extra safety, barn lighting fixtures should be mounted in places that are relatively sheltered from the elements.


Most patios can be illuminated with lights that are mounted on the exterior walls of homes and then angled toward the patio. The crucial objective for using patio lights is to direct the lights to focus on the patio while not disturbing neighbors. Such lighting may be neatly concealed on the side of a home and operated with an inside switch. Solar lights are also an excellent choice for patios because the lighting can be closely controlled and will not be affected by electrical connections.


The parameters for landscape lighting and sign lights are different from the parameters for porch lights. Landscape lighting is used to illuminate yards and walkways, which are excellent places for solar lights. Sign lights are used to direct light on storefront signs and are not required for neon signs. The designs for outdoor lighting should be evaluated with information about restrictions such as the limitations for porch lights and barn lighting.

17th Jun 2015 Paul Carlson

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