Product Preview: Check out our Upcoming Line of Battery-Operated Picture Lights!

We here at Cocoweb always keep our customers' needs close in mind, in order to best serve you with whatever kinds of high-end lighting products you may need. In keeping with that trend, we would now like to offer a preview of a product we know that many of you have been clamoring for. Introducing our Battery-Operated Picture Lights, a fully cordless modification to our existing lines of Tru-Slim and Classic Art Lights. Optimized for maximum versatility to best support your gallery lighting needs, our Battery Pictures Lights promise a convenient new way to make your art shine.

cocoweb barn light goodyear contemporary arm

Both our lines of Tru-Slim and Classic Art Lights have been retrofitted to operate with new battery-powered systems, but still offer the same specially-tailored display lighting that Cocoweb Picture Lights are known for. Both lights are powered by 50,000 hour LED lighting technology, shining at 90+ CRI in order to bring the fullest color to your painting's palette. A color temperature of 2700 Kelvin also ensures your painting is met by only the most natural of light, an illumination equal to the early morning sun. A full spectrum of finishes are available: cool satin nickel, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze.

The Tru-Slim Battery Picture Light is offered in 12" and 21" sizes, and runs on 4 C-cell batteries installed in its each of its two base panels. The ultra-slim shade offers a completely modern lighting experience, containing numerous LED nodes arranged in its sleek tube frame that cast your artwork in a contemporary light. In addition, the multiple base panels also allow the Tru-Slim to be mounted on both walls and directly inside your picture's frame, enabling the widest range of display lighting versatility we have to offer.

cocoweb barn light arms
cocoweb barn light goodyear shade

If you're looking for a more vintage aesthetic, however, be sure to check out our Classic model. Available in a single size of 14", this elegant art light captures the style of classic lighting with a rounded shade and clean finish. Additionally, this light fixture is fully functional as a frame light, attaching directly into the frames of portraits and paintings, and requires only 4 C-cell batteries to operate. The Classic exhibits a sophisticated elegance, a grace only available to the most prestigious of lights.

In order to promote the absolute highest level of display lighting versatility, all models of our Battery Picture Lights also include a convenient infrared remote, which you can use to completely control your light's operation. The remote works best within 30 feet of your light, and uses a unique wireless syncing system to make sure other electronics won't interfere. The device also enables you to set your light to run on a timer of up to six hours, as well as adjust the brightness from anywhere between 10% and 100%.

All-in-all, the future definitely looks brighter with our upcoming line of wireless Battery Operated Picture Lights. Available March 30, 2015, you can pre-order now at!

19th Mar 2015 Jeremy Young

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