Nowadays, with smartphones spreading faster than any other technology, the quest to find the perfect pair of ear buds is very much pertinent. We use our ear buds when we're walking on the streets, when we're talking on the phone, when we're working out, and sometimes, when we're in the office working.

Introducing one of our best-selling electronic products: The Bluetooth SOUNDOT Earbuds gives you the control you want over your ear phones and the freedom to move around with them.

SOUNDOt BLACKLOUD Earbuds White Product

Its wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you pair your ear phones with any Bluetooth enabled device, up to 2 devices at a time. The switch between devices is hassle-free and can be easily accessed on the 3-button remote. At an operating range of 20 meters, our connectivity is comparable to some of the bigger brands in the market, such as Jay Bird and Beats by Dre. Now when you go out for a run or hit the gym, you don't have to worry about your cords getting in the way of your work out!

The Soundot comes with various playback options that allow you to play/resume, pause, forward, or rewind a song and adjust its volume. It also comes with a built-in microphone and lets you make, answer, reject, or end a call and activate Siri (iOS) or Google Voice Search (Android) without you ever needing to reach for your phone.

You no longer have to struggle to untangle your ear buds or put them down! When the ear buds are not in use, you can connect its magnetic heads together. You can also store them away in the convenient carry pouch included with the product set.

Worried about how well your ear buds will stay put through your gym grinds and hard runs? Our product comes with 3 different ear tip sizes and a pair of removable ear bud stabilizers. The stabilizers will hold the ear phones in place so you can focus more on hitting those PR's instead. Best part? Our ear buds are sweat-resistant and have 5.5 hours of battery life for music (6 hours for phone calls).

At the end of the day, you can charge your Soundot with the micro-USB charging cable and repeat the experience all over again the next day.

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18th Mar 2015 Annie Yang

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