Refresh Your Decor this Spring with the Top Interior Trends of 2017!

Refresh Your Decor this Spring with the Top Interior Trends of 2017!

Spring is just around the corner! Refresh your space with a new look. We've gathered some ideas that are trending for 2017 to inspire your design sense. Mix and match some of these decorating ideas or pick a few that strike your fancy. Change up small elements of your home or go for a total revamp!


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Marble is just as trendy as it was last year. Decorate with marble-accented home accessories or even try a marble-printed wallpaper for a modern style. Visit for a  gallery of ideas using marble.

Navy Blue

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Image from It All Started With Paint

Already a classic color choice, navy blue will be particularly popular in interior decorating for 2017. The hue pairs well with most other colors and so are easy to incorporate into your existing decor. Here, also, is a tone that transitions well across all seasons. Used as an accent to white or pastel-themed decor, navy blue adds class to light-feeling summer and spring decor. Pair this color with yellow, as in this post from It All Started With Paint, for a fresh effect. Come autumn and winter, the dark shade of blue suits the deeper palette usually associated with the colder months.

Artisan Crafted

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This year the design world will be seeing a renewed interest in artisan crafted decor items that take skill to create. Goods crafted with individual care bring a personal touch to the room they occupy. Well-made pieces crafted of trades such as glassblowing and woodworking will see a revival.


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Mixing and matching textures is a fun way to liven any room. This is especially helpful for large rooms to make the space look fuller. For example, use textured throw pillows on a couch or on a bed. Or, place metal accents near soft textures like fabric. The contrast creates visual interest.

Farmhouse Style

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Image from Liz Marie Blog

For a cozy, rustic approach, try using farmhouse-style decor elements. The soft palette used in  this post about farmhouse style from Liz Marie Blog is perfect for spring and summer. Our barn lights and sconces are also well-suited to trying out this chic look for your home. For even more rustic, vintage-style lighting options, visit our site again soon to see all the new designer light fixtures we're getting in stock! 

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