San Francisco Art Lighting

San Francisco is a city of vibrant culture and love. This Northern California city has garnered massive amounts of both international and domestic attention to itself for years, and certainly one of the most prominent aspects of San Francisco’s attractive culture is its art galleries. These galleries are known for their unorthodox exhibitions that truly go above and beyond the expectations of both the most frequent patron and the newest visitor. San Francisco’s galleries, however, cannot simply display their beautiful works of art in the dark—large or small, San Franciscan art pieces are illuminated by some of the best San Francisco picture lighting available.

Creativity Explored

An example of one of San Francisco’s finest art galleries, Creativity Explored truly touches the heart: the gallery’s primary focus is to give both physically and mentally disabled artists a chance to build, present, and even sell their works of art to anyone visiting the exhibit. The family-style community that the gallery builds with these artists grants them the opportunity to express themselves to the world. Creativity Explored helps bring attention to these artists but at the same time, it’s the artists themselves who bring life and meaning to their art.

San Francisco Art

An artist brings life to his work aided by beautiful San Francisco art lighting . (Source: Creativity Explored)

San Francisco International Arts Festival

The annual San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) serves as a gathering hub for artists, musicians, and theater performers to come together to showcase their creations. SFIAF focuses on bringing attention to international artists of immense talent whose art is practically unheard of in America, and the theatrical and musical venues that are held at the festival come from various cultures carrying their own message for festival attendees. In fact, the festival is designed to help promote a stronger perception of these cultures, as well as to bring forth a community based consciousness in order to further strengthen the ties between artists, musicians, and theater performers alike.

San Franscisco Art Festival

Not limited just to painted artwork, SFIAF also includes interpretive dance exhibits (Source: San Francisco International Arts Festival)

Et Al

Et Al is easily one of the most unorthodox art exhibits in San Francisco. For a visitor to even get into this particular gallery, they must find a specific laundromat in Chinatown, walk past a door with no signs on it to direct the visitor on where to go next, and keep walking down the following long corridor until they reach the basement. When the attendees find the art exhibit, they bear witness some of the best art that San Francisco has to offer. The type of art that is displayed here focuses mainly on spurring creative thought within the visitor, due to its experimental yet appealing nature.

Et Al San Francisco Art Lights

The truly experimental style of Et Al's gallery (Source: Et Al)

The city of San Francisco is a massive gathering hub of culture, art, and music, one that’s continued to evolve and prosper for generations. The San Francisco art lighting used in these exhibits helps add an additional accentuation of grace and serenity to these wonderful works of art. The various festivals and exhibitions that take place within this beautiful city help showcase the hard work, passion, and innovation that are instilled within these evolving cultural phenomena.

6th Aug 2015 Eiraj Zandi

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