Summer is Coming - How to Cool Down with Ceiling Fans

Summer is Coming - How to Cool Down with Ceiling Fans

Weather Ceiling Fans

Source: AccuWeather

According to AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok, “periods of warmer-than-normal temperatures will come and go during the course of the summer.”

In moderately hot climates an air conditioner can be avoided altogether just by installing a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are effective because they circulate air in the room and create moving air; moving air removes heat from the home and creates a wind chill effect on the body. The breeze created by the ceiling fan can make the room feel as if it is 8°F cooler than it is.

How Heat Accumulates in the Home

Solar Energy (roof and windows)




Ceiling Fans Summer

How to Position your Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Blade Position:

7-9 feet above the floor

10-12 inches below the ceiling

Ceiling Fan Size to Room Size:

Small and Medium sized fans will cool in a 4-6 diameter area

Larger fans are effective up to 10 feet

Multiple fans work best in rooms longer than 18 feet

36 or 44 diameter fan will cool rooms that are up to 225 square feet

Rotation Matters

Depending on the rotation direction of your ceiling fan the temperature of the room may rise or fall.

Cooling Down

When the weather is hotter, operate the fan in a counterclockwise direction. This provides a cool breeze in the room by pushing the air downwards. The breeze can make the room feel up to 8 degrees cooler and save you on energy costs.

Heating Up

When the weather is cold, operate the fan in a slow speed in a clockwise direction. This causes cold air to be pulled up and redistributes trapped warm air; as a result, heat is distributed throughout the room.

All-in-all, with a good ceiling fan, you can beat the heat this summer and relax in the cool breeze of your home!

4th Jun 2015 Jinny Kim

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